Is teasing a 4-year girl acceptable behaviour from an adult?

Reply Tue 23 May, 2017 03:06 pm
There is a situation where in a room full of adults and Kids that are related to this 4-year-old girl that was teased to the point of crying.
This 4-year-old girl had gone to KFC with another relative during the day.
At night, there was a family gathering and this 4-year-old girl was teased by another adult (relative) knowing that she had gone to KFC during the day with this other relative.
This relative kept on saying “I’m not taking you to KFC” repeatedly kept saying to the point the 4-year-old started crying. In the meantime, one adult and one child walked out thinking this is not right what was happening in the room.
As the girl started to cry the adult that was teasing her now says “definitely not taking you to KFC because you are crying” This girl says now to everyone as she is crying “you are all telling lies”.
After she said that everyone starts to laugh.
The relative that took this child out during the day thought this is not right and picks up the child and takes her out of the room to another room to comfort her and in this other room there is another group of adults. The relative that took this child to the other room then says to the group of adult’s “someone needs to talk to the other relative and tell them to stop it”.
Just need confirmation on who is in the wrong and why, also who are the Victim(s) here.
Look forward to your comments
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Reply Tue 23 May, 2017 03:48 pm
People do tease kids. We were not there and we do not know you, the other people or the child. However maybe I would not feel 100% OK about teasing of a child that drove it to tears. But I wasn't there.

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