Does this constitute child neglect in Florida?!

Reply Sat 16 Jul, 2016 04:24 pm
My fiancé has a 6 year old nephew that is in a bad environment. The problem is we don't know If his environment constitutes neglect and can be reported to CPS. Long story short, this little boy's mother passed away from a drug addiction. We would have reported them then but we're in the process of trying to help get her clean. Aside from that the family has always lived in poverty. Primarily from the laziness of the father to not get a real job. He has background (not degree) in programing and if you talk to him he is "amazing" and one of the "best in the world" but he never has a reliable job and only has gigs here and there. Because of this, their main income is the mother in laws disability checks, food stamps, and social security for the child from the mothers passing (which is never spent on child only the bills and computer stuff). Also the father is a addicted to video games, meaning majority of his day he is on his computer playing his game and not watching the child. In fact he set up a laptop next to him for the child to play minecraft next to him in order to watch him. recently we found out that since summer he has been staying awake till 9:00am playing on the computer and then sleeping till 6:00pm!! My finances mother is also at the residence however she was in prison (set up from the addicted daughter, long story but She does hold some responsibility) and has trouble finding a job because of it as well as no reliable transportation. They have a car however it is not registered or insured and still driven around with a tag from a different car! During school she was the one to take him, wake him up, get him ready, participate in school events, and keep him in a somewhat routine, But she has limited say due to not providing any money although the father doesn't either only government money but it is still "his house" his rules and in fact is trying to kick her out of the house. The child also has difficulty eating which stems from neglect as a child (not introducing foods in properly). He was on rice cereal "shakes" from a bottle till he was 2 then they moved them to a cup. Because of this he only really eats shredded cheese and bread. At school he would eat some chicken nuggets, pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches but it was still difficult. He does however eat junk food in between (m&ms, chips, goldfish,cookies ect) but still not very much. He is tall for his age (off the charts) so it already makes him skinny which is what makes him eating disorder go unnoticed. I really just need advise on what to do about it and if there is actually a case for getting him in a better environment. Because although all of this is true. I don't know how much could stand up if it came to an official case (they are pros at manipulating things)
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Reply Sat 16 Jul, 2016 04:38 pm
Get your fiancé to call a lawyer and ask if contacting CPS makes any sense in this matter.
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Reply Sun 17 Jul, 2016 07:01 am
I really doubt that CPS would get involved, UNLESS you could prove that the child is being starved. It doesn't sound like it. If he is in school and functioning in that environment, then that is seen that he is "thriving" and OK.

Just a case of stupid/bad parenting and dysfunctional home life, but not "legal" neglect.

BUT - You can make an anonymous call to CPS and they might do an interview.

Try to stay involved with this fella. He's going to need good role models in this life.

PS The car and the video game thing has nothing to do with CPS concerns.
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