Reply Thu 8 Apr, 2010 10:07 am
Heehee. This thread is 6 years old. Thankfully he now understand the necessity of wearing clothes!

I just noticed that this thread has nearly 8,000 hits -- how creepy is that?
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Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2014 09:34 pm
I love being nude! I think nudism is just natural and I think it's horrible that it's so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places.
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Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 06:17 pm
Mo will not wear clothes.

You put his clothes on, turn your back and he is running around naked.

We try to limit his nakedness to the house and to the backyard but he sees naked opportunity everywhere. It is a constant battle to get him to keep his clothes on in public.

In private, I don't really mind him running naked but now that the weather is getting nippy I think clothing would be a good idea.

He does not think clothing is ever a good idea.

How do I get this naked boy to wear clothes?

Start having sex wearing clothes. He will see you and he will imitate you.
Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 06:57 pm
carloslebaron wrote:

Start having sex wearing clothes. He will see you and he will imitate you.

You do realize this thread is more than 10 years old, and Mo is now 14, right?
Reply Fri 30 Jan, 2015 07:52 pm
Yeah, there's that.

AND the fact that he isn't invited to watch us having sex.

This guy's reply was truly one of the strangest ones I've ever seen.
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Reply Mon 10 Aug, 2015 09:59 am
How old? Think at some point this is a normal phase.

Out of concern of creating a negative association with his body I'd handle it with like, "Well, we're going out for ice cream (or whatever his fave is) too bad you can't come along since you don't have any clothes on." Smile Of course, once he dons some clothes you have to go out and fulfill the promise.

If you punish him for it he'll form a negative association with his own naked body that can become bigger problems for him later on.
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Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2022 02:16 pm
I wouldn't really worry too much about your son, sounds like he's going through a "naked phase" as my mom would call it. He will eventually put clothes on in due time Smile
Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2022 02:20 pm
A sixteen year phase.
Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2022 02:46 pm
Some people age slower than others.
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