Pain in throat to chest

Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 02:53 pm
For 1 day now I have been experiencing sharp pain in my throat and to the top of my chest. I'm really hoping it's just a muscle strain problem or something like that. The pain happens sometimes when i'm breathing in while sitting and laying down, but always happens when I move around rapidly, not necessarily from exercise itself. If it's useful, it's been 60 to 70 degrees outside lately. It started late last night, and I don't remember doing anything that might have aggrivated it. I did recently get a neck injury, but it was in a completely different spot, and it wasn't at all like this. Sometimes that pain can extend from the top of the chest to the back area aswell.
Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 04:08 pm
Without knowing your medical history (and I'm not a doctor anyway), I suggest contacting your primary care physician.

It could be lots of things, everything from muscle strain to acid reflux to a panic attack to mild angina or something else. So call and ask!
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