Why must I go to church? (Please read below before answering)

Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 08:25 am
I go to church every Wednesday. I am a Christian and love God. Me and my family believes you don't have to go to church every Sunday to be a Christian. Yet when Sunday rolls around I must go. It is really early. Plus they don't have my age group on Sundays so I must go sit with my parents. I tried to convince them into letting me stay home, but they won't budge. I am old enough to stay home of your wondering. What should I do?
Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 08:56 am
Sounds to me like you fulfill your obligation on Wednesdays.

Talk to your parents - and get their take on it. And maybe they don't really think you can be left alone, so recognize that might be behind this. If it is, then you are going to need to show you are responsible and also, possibly, get into situations where there is an adult present, such as visiting with a friend when the friend's parents are home, or a supervised school or church activity for young people.
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When I was a teen I was in a similar situation. I found some friends that were part of a youth group at a larger and more active church and went with them on Sundays. The group met at 6 in the evening and we'd do some Bible study, songs, and usually eat. My parents were cool with the arrangement and it was good for me as well (lots of positive energy and influence which helped me through some of the teen challenges).
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You need to talk with your parents about this. They probably have their reasons and would perhaps be willing to discuss them with you.

From my past, my mother, a Jew who converted to Christianity (Methodist to be precise), insisted that we attend Sunday services up to the age of 18. After that, it was no longer required. We didn't have to become members off the church, just attend.
Finn dAbuzz
Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 02:19 pm
Everyone has given you good advice, but in the end you may just need to suck it up and go because you respect your parents.
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Quote Sturgis:
From my past, my mother ....insisted that we attend Sunday services up to the age of 18.

That would be my take on it as well. Up until the age of 18, if the parents make a decision for the family to go somewhere together, the kids have to normally go unless the parents agree there is an exculpatory reason not to. "I went to church four days ago" doesn't sound like one.
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