Can't tell if he really wants to be with me or not?

Reply Mon 10 Apr, 2017 10:48 am
So I've been with this boy since October and we are both each others first proper loves. However, in the recent few months we've been breaking up then getting together again. We've had a big break recently and bumped into each together last week and realised we both love each other and that's all that matters and to try again. Reasons for us breaking up were we were arguing as I'd get insecure as he wouldn't show he cared or would do stupid little things. We were at a party together last thursday and he referred to himself as my boyfriend to me and i said what was that and he got embarrassed and shrugged it off. We also took a photo together and he posted it on his instagram the same day. The next day he invited me round before I had work and we were fine until I got to work and he didn't message me until a few hours later asking when I finish and then ignored me when I replied. He then put "someone talk" as his snapchat story and I messaged him asking him about it saying why doesn't he just speak to me then. I didn't get annoyed or say it in that way to him or anything but he started saying i'm being ridiculous and this is why we broke up in the first place. I just changed the subject as I didn't want an argument and he invited me to go to our mutual friends after work with her and her boyfriend so I did and we were all there for 2 hours and it was good, he was being really cute and sweet to me. The next day he didn't message me so I messaged him but he kept ignoring me s0 I asked him not to as it upsets me but he kept continuing to do it. Then the day after that I was working and so was he and had no message so had to message him again and he asked to see me once Id finished work so I went to his work to see him and we went for a drive for a bit just spending a bit of time together and kept asking me what I was doing the next day, indicating he wanted to see me. He messaged me when I got home straight away but kept ignoring again and I was trying to create conversation but he was just being blunt. So today I ended up messaging him midway through the day asking what he was doing and he said nothing he was just bored and in bed so I said oh can I see you then and he said maybe idk he needs to get ready and doesn't know when he'll be ready and is supposed to be going to his friends. I was like oh okay thats fine then and he was saying actually maybe you can come round later idk so I said I needed to know then so I could get ready and he said its fine ill see you another time. I was like okay yeah and asked what he was doing today and he said "idk nothing really" which upset me as he could have seen me then. But i didn't say this and tried to keep conversation but he was being so blunt and uninterested so I just ended up ignoring him. It's been 6 hours now and he hasn't messaged me and i just don't know what to do as its making me upset and insecure but I'm scared if i confront him about it it'll just scare him away again, he never used to be like this he used to always message me first never ignore me always be talking to me about little things and wanting to see me whatever chance he gets. What can I do to fix this?
Reply Mon 10 Apr, 2017 11:28 am
It's been 6 hours.

Chalk it up to him being busy and leave it alone.

It's early to start getting worried about, really, anything.

Besides, you are already both breaking up/making up at the drop of a hat. At some point, either or both of you will get awfully sick of that.
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