Gf left the house after an argument...

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hi, so.. my GF left the house yesterday night after an argument, i fell asleep in the bed and at about 3am she comes back hugging me and calls me baby, something which her pride will never let her do at such ease after an argument, so that just that got me suspiciuse... so i smelled sigaretes and booz off of her and she said that she only drank and didn't smoke at all. i went to sleep on the couch. i confronted her the next morning only to find out that when she got to the bar, she sat alone and kept being hit on by other males and females and that at some point she joined the female bartender on a "bar-swing" thing and swinged abit. then she claimes she took a cub and got home.

i feel like the last thing she had the right to do that night was to go get drunk by herself and to be surounded by strangers. while i stayed home with the bad feeling. she returned so ******* smashed yesterday. i told her i feel like she left her dignity at the bar. in my eyes, she made a fool out of me and shamed me as her BF doing what she did that night, and most of all herself. she usually is a very modest and preserved girl. when she told me about the swinging this morning, i lost it and went to do a hot shower to relax. i left the shower and went stright to the computer to play my game. she offered to make pizza, i kindly refused and went back to my game. we don't talk right now. i am pissed. for all i care she can pack her **** and find a new place.
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Did you have a question?
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Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it... also sounds like you live in a traditional society (like India, maybe?) You want to be all modern and be "BF" and "GF" and live together without being married, but you also want to be like an old fashioned husband from 1925 and make rules for your girlfriend as if you own her. Also you have weird archaic notions about being 'shamed' when your girlfriend acts like a normal modern woman. Maybe she is getting tired of this? You need to decide which century you are living in.
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