Would Jesus condone abortion?

Reply Wed 27 Oct, 2004 03:36 pm
Frank Apisa wrote:
cannistershot wrote:
Frank Apisa wrote:
cannistershot wrote:
I still KNOW that God is real.

Yeah...sure you do.

And Edgar KNOWS there are no gods.

Give it a break, Cannister. You obviouosly do not know what you are talking about...and you cannot admit it.

I do understand why you like Bush, though.

If that is the way Edgar feels fine, if you are not sure fine, I however am positive that God exists and I will not give that up.

Yeah...I can see that.

And I understand...since you seem to "be positive" that the god that exists...is that barbaric, murderous, cartoon god described in the Bible.

You gotta be very, very insistent that you "are positive" in that god...because you are in very deep shyt if you cross that silly excuse for a god.

So keep it up. And don't mind that I liken it to all those Iraqis who professed love and admiration for Saddam while he was still in power.


Thanks for your opinion.
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Reply Wed 27 Oct, 2004 08:15 pm
Sincere expressions... whether they be of gratitude or affection... always warm the heart.

The supercilious expressions... not so much.
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