Got a great survey call tonight

Reply Fri 22 Oct, 2004 03:05 pm
Harper, if you're really interested in George Soros - follow the link given by Cheney in the debates to factcheck.com. Click in the upper right hand corner on facts ...

Among other things, there is a link to the George Soros site there.
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Re: Got a great survey call tonight
Fedral wrote:
I was sitting in my favorite chair, watching the Red Sox lay the smackdown on the Stankees when the phone began to ring.

I asked myself, "Fedral, who in the world would be calling you on the phone during this religious event?"

Turning towards my roommate, I said. "Watch, its going to be another pollster" (I get about 3 to 4 a week Very Happy )

The voice on the other end says to me. Excuse me sir, are you a registered voter?" (At this point I chuckle and give the thumbs up to my roomie)

So, being the civic minded individual I am, I reply. "Sure am.

The young voice on the other and of the phone asks. "Would you mind participating in a brief poll?"

Even though I do this a lot, the young man was quite pleasant and was very polite so I hit the mute on the T.V. and say. "Absolutely, be happy to." (I'm sure these people take a lot of abuse during polling so I try to never give them a hard time, I reserve my wrath for true telemarketers)

I could have sworn I head a note of relief in the voice as he continued. "Sir, I represent the League of Conservation Voters." (They do exist) "We were wondering if you intend to vote in this election?"

With a smile I reply. "Oh, absoLUTELY"

A brief pause while he probably enters the info into his computer.

"And sir, do you intend to vote for John Kerry or George Bush?"

Immediately, I say "George Bush"

A long pause, probably because he expected someone who was voting for GWB to sound like Satan himself Twisted Evil

A less sure voice then asks. "And sir, what is the primary issue that concerns you in this election?"

Without pause, I reply. "National Security"

A longer pause...

"Well thank you for participating in our poll sir."

Now, usually I am sure that these people (Mostly volunteers I'm sure) get hung up on and hassled so he was probably shocked when I replied

"Good luck and have a great night."

I unmute the T.V. and return to my chair to once again watch the Sox, and that would be the end of an unremarkable story, when the phone rang again.

Once again, I mute the T.V. and pick up the phone. I was somewhat surprised when a very familiar voice on the other end of the line starts talking. Sorry to bother you again sir, but I'm kind of going 'off script' here in calling you back.

"Mmm hmmm" was my reply.

The young man continued somewhat unsure of himself. "Well sir, you say that security is you main issue... well sir, you should stop by George Soros' website and see what's there"

I suppose that like most young liberals, he believes that the only sites we Conservatives visit is NewsMax, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and crew.

I immediately return "Oh yes, I've visited Mr. Soros' website quite a few times"

A very long pause...

Well thank you sir, have a good evening"

With a smile I give him a quick. "Goodnight" to a very confused young man.

Sitting again in my easy chair like the 'fat-cat' conservative capitalist I am, eating my Wheat Thins and drinking my Dasani water, I realized something that made me a little wistful...

That young man probably broke the rules in calling me back because I returned his politeness with the courtesy that he gave to me and he called me because he though that anyone that spoke to him that nicely was worth the effort to change his mind and take a chance to bring one over to his side of the column.

Maybe there IS hope for todays youth... even liberals. Very Happy

I never make it beyond the first 30 seconds of the call before THEY hang up.
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