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So we were tasked specifically to write a movie review on the flick "Green Street Hooligans" from 2005(dont ask me why).
With many recent and upcoming tests I haven't been able to look it over properly, and I am aiming toward the higher grades. Would appreciate if anyone could take a look at it.
Thanks for any feedback!
Movie review / The hooligans

Green Street Hooligans is a movie about sports-related violence and full-out hooliganism, or is it?
Director Lexi Alexander first attempt at the big screen takes a surprising and very interesting approach to the subject in question. The movie made a smaller fortune, with four million dollars in gross profit, an extravagant amount for a low-budget flick and for good reason.
Hooligans doesn't only "show" what this sort of life is really like, but gives a realistic insight provided by none other than the director herself. Alexander grew up in Germany, where her brother was an active part of a "firm"(organized hooligan groups). Using her own childhood and experience as inspiration she manages to give feeling and life to an otherwise unrelatable and plain cause.
Another reason this movie has reached its success is also because of the unknown territory it ventures into. This movie is the case of a great idea not falling short, and instead turning into a great movie. Two sequels were later released to follow up on the movies plot, one in 2009 and one in 2013. The sequels were far from unsuccessful, but couldn't quite live up to the hype and tension there original built up. One major factor may be the alteration in personnel, staff, actors and the director alike.

The original movie took an interesting approach with starring Elijah Wood in the lead role.
Elijah was widely known around the world for his performance in the Lord of The Ring series, which had come to a conclusion only two years before the Hooligans release. Many felt that former "hobbit" couldn't portray such a role, and even if he could he would only be recognized as the hobbit Frodo Baggins. His performance, however, was far from out of place or in any way poor. Elijah plays Matt Buckner, a depressed and sad American who has wrongfully been expelled from the University of Harvard. Matt travels to England to visit his sister, and through her husband gets introduced to the world of football hooliganism.

While this movie may have been a "low-point" of Elijah's career, it kickstarted some of the others.
Charlie Hunham, the man who played Pete Dunham, didn't get a major role for about five years, but has since returned in the spotlight, currently playing the lead role in an upcoming 102 million dollar production (King Arthur). After showing off their skill, many of the remaining actors in supporting roles also got roles and went on to star in bigger and better movies.

Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) gets expelled from Harvard during his last term for housing drugs in his dorm. This was in reality his roommate, the snobby and wealthy Jeremy Van Holden (Terence Jay), who managed to convince Matt to take the blame. In return he would receive 10 000$ and a promise of a future job. Without an education and a place to stay, Matt flies oversees to stay with his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani). Well in London he shares their family home, staying with her husband Steve as well as their infant son. Matt gets introduced to Steve's brother, Pete who proceeds to take him to a football game. The game is between West Ham and Birmingham and tensions are high, players nervous and fans angry. West Ham edge out on top, but the scoreline doesn't make too much of a difference on the teams sides. The Birmingham fans go after Matt, which then leads to a brutal brawl between the two sides.

After the game Matt and Pete start building a relationship, and go to more games. Pete is the leader of "United's Green Street Elite", West Hams unofficial firm, the place to go for organized football violence. Matt eventually becomes a part of the firm, but not without facing some obstacles along the way. Matt's journalism studies at Harvard are discovered, which eventually leads to him falling out with the firm. While Matt once again has been left alone to ponder over his life, London is getting prepared for one of the biggest derby of recent times. West Ham facing their all-time rivals, Millwall. Relegation to a lower bracket has made it impossible for the two sides to face each other for the past 10 years. The tensions are too high and a fight between fans from both sides break out, with fatal consequences.
Matt successfully manages to escape with Sharon and her son, but the fights leave Pete lifeless on the ground.
As Petes dying breath leaves his body film the film concludes, and one of the most critically acclaimed and successful low-budget movie of all time is lead to an abrupt end.
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Reply Mon 12 Dec, 2016 02:05 pm
Ptuc wrote:
With many recent and upcoming tests I haven't been able to look it over properly, and I am aiming toward the higher grades.

You contradicted yourself. If you want the "higher grades" you need to look it over properly. A higher grade is for a a higher standard of work; you don't get it for hastily produced stuff that folks on the web have polished up for you.
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Reply Mon 12 Dec, 2016 04:35 pm
Despite the thumbdown, I stand by what I wrote.
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