What is this guy trying to do? Need advice

Reply Mon 7 Nov, 2016 11:24 am
So for the purposes of this story I will be giving fake names to everyone:

My roommate: Trina
My friend: Gina
The Guy: Theo

This is actually long though so grab your tea cup and get ready.
* No details were left out so you can get the FULL STORY*
Tdlr: Guy flirts with me all the time but them kisses my friend. What the hell?

Okay so I was introduced to Theo through my friend Trina (we are roommates at college and they know each other from back home). Theo's a nice kid, funny, and to be honest I am attracted to him. The thing is I don't really understand what the kid is trying to do. SINCE I MET HIM the kid has been throwing me vibes that usually if a guy was throwing the same vibes to me I would think he liked me. We tease each other, he is constantly touching me, always coming near me, etc. The only problem is that one night me and Trina went to a party with him and I dance with him but were over at his place after the party and while I was in the bathroom he kissed her. I am not dumb so I was like okay he doesn't like I'm over it. The only thing is that the next day we all went to church and he was back at it with me again! Putting his leg against mine, introducing me (only me) to all of his friends. So then I thought ok this kid is just like this with everyone he's just a flirt I'm done. I tell my other friend Gina about all this and she tells me that she is surprised because she thought that he had liked me too.

Fast forward to like a week later and Trina is telling me that she thinks that Theo likes me. I am very surprised by this comment and respond with "what the hell are you talking about? You told me that you guys kissed." She responds by telling me that after the kiss happened Theo asked her if she told me and when she said that she did he was very worried about how I responded. Then, she tried to say that on that night when we were dancing she could tell that he liked me and that she did not like him at all. In my head I'm thinking this girl is dumb and annoying and she just wants to rub things in my face. So being me I take a break from hanging out with either of them for a while.

When I finally did hang out with them, Theo and I were back in the same routine and this doesn't change for the next few weeks. Until this past weekend. On Friday once again we went to a party this time Trina does not let me anywhere near Theo and dances with him the whole time and once again they make out. At this point I was extremely confused but to be honest if they want to do that it's cool they guy really just needs to shape up though. After the party ends he starts trying to play fight with me but I'm not really feeling it because to be honest I know its dumb but I was extremely upset. We get back to his place and my car is towed. I am clearly upset so he pulls me into a hug and puts my head into his chest and tells me that it'll be alright. He takes me and Trina to the towing place so that I can get my car back. When we get there I'm talking to the lady at the desk and he comes behind me and wraps he arms around me (WTF). I'm done with him and the night so I push him off. I get my car and drive home no goodbyes nothing. Today after church he comes up to me and introduces me to another one of his friends. We decide to go get breakfast and while we are waiting to get seated he starts bumping into me and is like teasing me by say "what's wrong Alexa are you good?" I just look at him and give no response. When we're seated I sit down first and I'm expecting Trina to be a good friend and sit next to me but she sits across from me and Theo sits next to me. When he sits down he starts rubbing his arm against mine so I push him off and he say " What's gotten into you Alexa you've been touching me all day." We eat and when we leave I don't give him a hug I just get into my car but he had Trina have this long hug to say good bye and then I drive home to do homework because you know I'm a studious bitch.

SO, basically what I want to know is am I crazy? What the hell is this guy doing are these red flags and should I just leave him alone period? Is he just making fun of me? My fried Gina still maintains that she thinks he likes me even after hearing all of this. Her explanation being that while I am the one that he truly wants, Trina is an eaiser catch. I really want to know what you guys think though.
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Reply Mon 7 Nov, 2016 01:17 pm
First things first. Trina is not your friend. A friend would not be telling you that this guy likes you and in the next breath making out with the guy. Something very wrong there.

Then there is Theo. Seems to me he just likes to flirt. If the girl responds, great for him. He gets to make out. If she doesn't, no big deal. He tries someone else. I get the sense he is not looking for a relationship, but rather for just a little fun. Just my sense based on his actions. If it were a girl doing this to a guy, I would call her a tease and tell the guy not to put up with it.

I guess I could call Theo a tease also. My advice would be to stop putting up with his foolishness. Tell him in no uncertain terms to keep his hands and legs and all other body parts to himself. Then just stay away from him. Let Trina have him.
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Reply Mon 7 Nov, 2016 02:13 pm
You didn't express what you wanted so these two fools put on a show in hopes you'd speak up.

Didn't work.

Long ago you should have said "hey kid, i like you but you need to show me some respect and focus on you and me. Can you do that?"

Now it's too late and they both ratchet up their bad behavior. Get rid of both of them.

Get new friends, wiser now.

Learn anything?
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