Getting rid of a annoying business contact

Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 09:31 am
I need the polite/correct way to get rid of an annoying business contact.

Met at a social function, exchanged business cards, now he will not get the hint that I am not interested in meeting with him to "network". He keeps emailing me, first two times I said I would get back with him, he emailed again twice and I ignored the emails, emailed again inviting me to a casual event, finally yesterday sent me a email asking to meet for a drink I have not responded yet, been 3 days. I need to get rid of this guy. How do I do it and not offend or upset. My company self generates leads, I have NO use for him, but he thinks I will bring him work. Which I will never do. Help!
Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 10:07 am
I see two options here. #1 is potentially faster but might generate more communications. #2 is harder but will likely be more decisive.
Option #1

Dear Annoying Contact (or whatever his name is):

Thanks for your emails!

Things have really heated up here at My Awesome Company (or whatever your company name is) and I just can't get away like I used to. I have to really save my socializing for rather specific occasions.

I truly appreciate your interest and wish you all the best.

Sincerely (or whatever your standard closing salutation is),

bigfitone (probably not your real name Wink)

It's nice. It's short. It closes off contact without smashing his ego and it also gives you an out in case he sees you at some event; that means it's a big deal event, so far as he is concerned. And being busy is maybe a little white lie sometimes, but it's also very true at other times, so you are covered there.
Option #2

Or you could actually meet with him one time and let him down then. That's another option. Meet him, look at his resume while you're meeting him, give him a few pointers and then hand it back to him. Do not take it back with you; make certain he's got it back in his hands (a very heavy hint that you do not want it and you are closing off contact).

Plus by giving him some sort of pointer on his resume, you're actually giving him something valuable for the fifteen minutes or so you see him. And do make it no longer than fifteen minutes. You're busy, remember?

And in the meantime, a lot of us have been in his boat. I learned early to not push things more than twice (three times if it was someone I really figured could help me if they just gave me a chance), because you run the risk of annoying someone who you should be cultivating as an ally. Better for him to learn that but without you burning a bridge. Because he might have business for you (or know someone who does) in the future.
Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 12:58 pm
Thanks for the reply.

I have no interest in business from him or his firm. Nor, does my company need any outside leads.

Pretty much just need to hit blast on the guy.

Blows me away this type of persistence. I hate persistence like this, actually after the second email, I said I would never ever do business with a guy like this, ever. This is a guy who jumps ship every other year to another firm. So why would I ever pass his contacts to one of my clients who I have had for over a dozen years only to be embarrassed when he bails again. I hate people like this. Some guy once told me "squeaky wheel gets the grease", I responded, "no, I will just replace the wheel".
Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 02:27 pm
Squeaky wheel gets the grease: the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
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Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 03:17 pm
BLOCK the emails.

You owe him nothing.

If you don't respond, he will eventually move on.
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Reply Wed 5 Oct, 2016 04:22 pm
Then if you want him gone, just block him and don't answer calls, etc. If you see him socially, just reiterate thanks, but no thanks and then discover just how fascinating the punch bowl or the drapes are, or start discussing debentures with your hostess.
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