What's his purpose?

Reply Mon 19 Sep, 2016 01:54 pm
I will try to be as brief as possible
Basically, we are friends. We met each other at work then he moved abroad to work (he kinda move a lot). We kept in touch as friends (long distance friendship). There was no confusion so far. But lately, he became flirtatious through texts and when he came to our country for visit, we hanged around a couple of times and each time it was his initiative. It is there when I got really confused because he was really caring, held my hand several times, complimented me a lot, brought me gifts, asked me tons of questions about myself and my plans and so on and so forth. But Last time, we were texting and teasing each other and I called him crazy. He texted back something like how come I walk out and befriend a crazy guy. It is this word ‘befriend’ that got me so puzzled. Why did he use this word? I feel like I am just hurting myself because he is might just be flirtatious without having further serious intentions.
Is there someone out there who lived a similar situation? I really need to clear up my mind and know if he is not into me indeed. If it is the case, I wouldn’t be able to befriend him anymore. I will have to move on even if it is not that easy.
Reply Mon 19 Sep, 2016 04:17 pm
Every time a boy/man pays you attention, that does not mean that you fall in love and have trouble moving on.

What's your purpose?

Love yourself before you start looking for love and you'll never have to ask this question again.
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Reply Wed 21 Sep, 2016 03:08 am
It is not good to believe someone blindly. We cannot read what is on the other person's mind. He might use you for his selfish intention. Just wait and try to understand his real intentions.
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Reply Sun 2 Oct, 2016 07:14 am
Hey, thanks for your sharing,

First, you need to be clear with yourself before to be with other.
What is your intentions with him?
Then, if that's look like confused, yes you will be right to protect yourself and to know what happened and to understand what is his purpose ;-)
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Reply Sun 2 Oct, 2016 10:43 am
Just from what you've said, I think you are over thinking it.

His comment sounds like something I might say in a teasing text conversation.

You should have texted back something like, 'cause I dig crazy guys' (assuming you do like him of course.)
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Reply Sun 2 Oct, 2016 10:45 am
Are you both EFL? is he EFL?
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Reply Sun 2 Oct, 2016 11:02 am
Melk, I have a different take than the others here. I think the use of the word "befriend" was intentional word play to create the confusion on purpose. Everything he has done is intentional. He knows what he is doing, girls like a puzzle when it comes to early relationships. I think that he hasn't pushed your relationship further because of the distance. But he keeps the feelings alive by flirting through texts. It's obvious to me, I've seen this a lot.
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Reply Wed 12 Oct, 2016 04:04 am
I think first you need to ask yourself, what is in your mind ? Do you love him ?And then clear things with him.
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