In a long distance relationship. Will porn Ruin My Sex

Reply Sat 9 Jul, 2016 06:29 pm
This is very tough for me to write about, but i'm concerned and need answers!! Me and my girlfriend Emily are both 18 and go to separate colleges very far apart. Before we left for college, we were pretty sexually active, having sex about 3 times a week. As you can imagine it was frustrating transitioning into a long distance relationship. Ive watched porn since i was 13 I still like to masturbate to it, I didn't really do it as much while we were together because I had emily (who was much more satisfying). Recenly I told her that i watch porn and she has no issue with it.

HERE COMES THE ISSUE... Recently things were changing so i decided to research and on several studies and ive found out that too much porn can desensitize me and my brain from real sex and real sex situations. And as i continue to watch porn I find this to be true because each time i need more and more extreme and hardcore videos to get me to the point I want. Emily sends me sexy and naked pictures of herself often and they used to be enough for me to masturbate to but not anymore. Plus with all this free time I have its very hard to resist just going on my phone and watching some porn. I love my girlfriend very much and my biggest fear is that when we do finally see each other, I wont be turned on by the sex with her and I would prefer my porn. So i was wondering whats the best way to keep myself sexually happy without letting porn change my brain? Emily is very sexy in my eyes and i don't want to change that. Should i limit the amount of porn i watch or would i have to try and stop it all together? Could i just continue the same amount and just stop watching porn a week before i expect to see her or what? I like porn but i dont want it to make me not satisfied or not get an erection with what a real womans body feels like. I KNOW THIS WAS LONG BUT I HAD TO GET THE FULL STORY OUT. I am desperate for answers and any opinion helps.
This is a serious issue so I would appreciate actual answers instead of just jokes (unless the joke is really funny lol) Thanks in advance

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Reply Sat 9 Jul, 2016 09:29 pm
I wouldn't worry about this too much. There is a world of difference between jacking off to porn and being with a real flesh and blood woman. Unless there is something seriously wrong with you, I don't think you will ever prefer watching porn to sex with your girlfriend.
Just don't overdo it with the porn; don't let it become too important and you'll be fine.
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Reply Sun 10 Jul, 2016 01:21 am
All the porn in the world will never be better than the real thing.
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