The Atheist/Theist unity thread (a Discussion)

Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2016 04:29 am
AugustineBrother wrote:

Wow are you off in another galaxy...dangers of a belief system. That is one thing we can rule out. Unless you don't believe there are converts in the world. There are millions of converts and they know beyond doubt that it isn't just the mind that causes change it includes the WILL. You write the will completely out of your argument.
Makes me wonder how serious a person you are.

Tell me more about the will you speak of that is missing, Your appraisal has piqued my interest.

Perhaps it is more so that I don't come here to convert. I come to sharpen my knowledge, to discuss and share beliefs, ideology and philosophy. It gives me good points to study, questions to overcome and thoughts to mull over.

I am also not ignorant to the power of perspective. Everyone has a different position from which they see the world, their own culture of thinking, nurture, prejudice and bias, me included. Why should I be dismissive of any opinion but my own?
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