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I don't suppose Baco Noir is a bacon pun, right? Is there any lingering bacon flavor to that wine?
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No, Baco Noir, also known as "Baco No. 1" was the first and most successful French-American grape hybrid created by Mr. Francois Baco, a grape breeder in France.

I worked on a small vineyard in N.Y. State which was among the first U.S. vineyards to try growing this variety and when I moved to Maine and planted grapes it was one of my choices. The big vine is over 20 years old and produces reliably every year, providing plenty of dessert for the local raccoon population, who gorge themselves on nearly-ripened fruit and excrete it, practically undigested, in numerous piles in the vineyard aisles.

It's a rank grower and difficult to manage. When I worked in NY we always had a hard time getting pickers to work in the Baco plot — it took too long to pick a crate because it was so much work finding the fruit in the dense canopy. Newer trellising methods have been developed which make harvesting easier and allow for better ripening. The idea is to maximize the amount of sunshine which strikes the leaves. Sunlight intensity is commonly measured in units which correspond to the ability of the plants to use sunshine in photosynthesis. Consequently, the intensity is often termed "photosynthetically active radiation". The units are amounts of energy per unit area per unit time, i.e. microEinsteins per square meter per second, µEm-2s-1. I guess those Henry of Pelham grapes are sucking up plenty of them microEinsteins.
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We Drink Basically The Same Wine As Ancient Romans — And That's Not So Great

An engraving shows Galla Placidia (390-450), daughter of Roman Emperor Theodosius I, in captivity. New research shows that in some cases, we are drinking almost the exact same wine that Roman emperors did — our pinot noir and syrah grapes are "siblings" of the ancient Roman varieties.
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