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I eventually want to go to Law school and was wondering which bachelors degree and which major it is best to go with in order to get accepted.. I also love acting and was accepted into an acting school in Hollywood but it's too expensive so I need to save up or just try the acting thing later on in life once I have a stable career. Would it be stupid to get a bachelors degree in performing arts since it's something that I enjoy.. I've read that law schools don't care which degree you get they mainly look at Gpa and lsat scores. Is this true?
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Yes, it is - plus there are TONS of people who apply who have political science or business backgrounds. My undergrad degree is in philosophy and I am sure it helped; most schools are looking for more diverse and well-rounded student bodies. I would say performing arts would fit the bill.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Mon 13 Jun, 2016 08:26 pm
Good luck on your pursuit(s).
I have always told my children to go into a profession they will enjoy. I think many go into a profession not understanding how they will enjoy it.
I think Business Administration is a good major for your BS. You'll have a class in Business Law.
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The matter of picking a good major for law school is a pretty simple. You want a serious subject that interests you and where you think you can obtain a high GPA.

Now what do I mean by a serious subject? I mean one that is challenging and is well-regarded as an area of academic inquiry. This could be anything from English (Evan’s major) to Finance (Josh’s major) to Engineering to Philosophy. Generally, if it is a major where you tend to see serious students flock, you are in good stead.

This is important for two reasons: First, more difficult subjects are well-regarded by admissions staff. Though it may surprise some, the hard science majors are particularly in demand at law schools. I think this is partly because they are in short supply and add variety to the class, but more so because these students tend to excel in the law school environment and also are very in demand for employment after receiving a law school education (often for intellectual property law).

Second, dense subjects just prepare you better for the rigors of law school. I noticed that students who did hard majors at rigorous schools had a slight edge in law school because they were used to dealing with a very heavy workload.

On the other hand, students from the humanities such as English, philosophy, or history, had plenty of opportunity in undergrad to develop the critical thinking skills and communication skills that served them well in your first year legal writing class, on law school exams, and especially later in the practice of law. Admissions staff know that these majors are valuable training and admit them to top law schools in large numbers. Just as an aside: take a logic course in your school’s philosophy department, as it gives you a priceless head start on your LSAT study.
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So nice to know there are bots out there which copy and paste without attribution.
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Yup, here's the link.

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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Thu 16 Jun, 2016 04:48 pm
It's primarily about GPA

Acting is actually a beneficial skill for a trial attorney but I doubt law schools are considering it to be so.

It probably isn't going to be to your advantage to have an undergrad degree in performing arts, as much as it should be.

If you really, really want to be an attorney go for a conventional degree with the highest GPA you can manage.

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Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2018 08:14 pm
I eventually want to go to Law school and was wondering which bachelors degree and which major it is best to go with in order to get accepted.

You eventually want to go to law school. Does this mean that you are not yet in College to be able to speak with your college counselor?

So you are in High school. nice. For a high school student, you sure are articulate with your words.

I would recommend thinking of which college you would like to go to and see if that college or university has a good 'law school' entry percentage.
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