Does a guy putting his arm around you and a friend mean he likes you?

Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2016 11:59 am
I've had the same crush for a few years, and I'm just starting to get over it recently. He's very nice to everyone, and his friends are friends of my best friend, so we see each other fairly often at lunch in school and stuff like that. That also means we've talked sometimes, complimented on each others haircuts, etc. If my closer friends aren't there and he sees I'm left out, he'll almost always find a way to include me.
So we were practicing a song for something today at school and I was leading it with him and his friend (a girl as well, and also a pretty good friend of mine). While singing the song, he put his arm on the other girl's shoulder first (not in a romantic way or anything, which I would expect since they're best friends), then extended to include me too. Does that mean he likes me? Or did he just not want me to be left out? If it was just me he put his shoulder on, I wouldn't be so unsure. He does stuff like that to his friends a lot, so I'm thinking he might view me more as a friend, which I honestly might feel a bit more comfortable with since I don't like him as much anymore.
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Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2016 12:38 pm
Oh, I also want to add this: A few months ago was when I started to get over the crush. One day around that time, he was sitting at our lunch table with his friends, and my friend blurted out that I like him. I was super embarrassed and turned away with my same lame excuse I give ("Guys, that was ages ago!") whenever they bring it up. Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw him look over at me with curiosity, which is better than the response of disgusted surprise I was expecting! Is that a sign of him liking me, or just being curious about finding this out about me for the first time?
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Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2016 03:44 pm
First off, the vast, vast majority of people aren't going to react with disgusted surprise at being told someone likes them (or used to like them). Most people have better manners than that, and I would hope you are focusing your interests on people who are at least socially savvy enough to not be jerks in that area. I wouldn't put too much stock in that reaction.

Same thing with the arm thing, particularly when he was putting his arm around two of you at the same time. It is lovely to get personal physical contact - you like it, he likes it, I like it - most people do. Smile

Continue to be your lovely and friendly self. With him, with your female friends, with everyone. If something happens, great (and you can initiate contact, you know)! And if nothing happens, then you will have been kind and pleasant and have nothing to regret.

Have fun! Smile
Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2016 07:00 pm
Thanks! That's kinda what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure. At this point, I might actually feel better if he liked me more as a friend! It would make everything less complicated, and I like him more as a friend now anyways. I'd feel so bad to disappoint someone by friend zoning them if they liked me.
About his reaction, I meant that I was expecting something a bit more neutral. I guess I worded that part wrong. Whoopsie! Wink
I meant to describe his reaction as interested and curious, like it was a pleasant surprise he was happy to hear. I dunno, I guess it probably feels good to know that someone likes you back, even if you don't share the feelings. I know it would lift my self-esteem and put a spring in my step! Very Happy
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