What is going on? And how can I make it like it used to be?

Reply Sat 14 May, 2016 06:39 am
Warning this is a long one so thank you so much for anyone who answers

So on April 25th I started talking to a guy(all part of a favor for a friend who happens to be the guys best friend) the favor was basically to just write to the guy that I love him and lead a misleading conversation(my friends are weird and he was trying to get rid of a girl that wouldn't take no for an answer) so I stopped texting him after the favor and 2 days later on April 27th he wrote to me that I forgot about him. The conversation from there was me just jokingly saying how could I ever forget him, he's the love of my life and yada yada and promised to write him tomorrow. I wrote him and we started texting. He told me things that are far too personal for a person you just met, like the fact his mom was having an operation and told me things about his ex who broke his heart and how he bought her 40 roses and she basically rejected him. (He sent me screenshots and things like that). Since then we texted every day but I was the conversation starter. We had a Skype call with his friends from which I found out his friend who is also my friend likes me(I answered the skype call and his friends stated shouting yo it's (our mutual friends name who wasn't in the conversation) girl. The guy I'm talking about starting saying things like guys you're being dicks to her(me). Later that night he wrote me and asked whether or not me and our friend will start dating. I said I don't know we barely know each other and I added that I know him better even though we've been talking less he answered with good to know and 😌. After I said that his friend stopped texting me and started ignoring me even though I texted him. Anyways so me and the guy continued talking and yesterday I got drunk for the first time with my classmates(don't judge, I'm nearly 17 and never had alcohol come near my lips). My guy friend basically took advantage of me because I was totally trashed and he took me wedding styled in to the house where he started basically groaping me until I said don't and our friends came in and he just started leaning his head on my shoulders and hugging my waist I was really lightheaded and put my head on his. He started taking pictures of us and apparently later that night sent them to the guy I was texting. That night was the first time in a long time that he texted me first asking me how am I(he knew I was drinking because I told him and he knew it was my first time) I told him I'm fine and he sent me one of the pictures and then this emoji 😊 I told him I was shitfaced (and I was, I drank a whole bottle of champagne on my own basically gulping the thing down and I'd like to remind you it was my first time) he wrote me mmmm after him my pervy friend wrote to me that he invented him to prom and he declined, I still a bit "happy" wrote the guy thinking it would be funny(I know it's a stupid assumption) hey come to my prom (my pervy friend) really wants to see you. After which he blocked me and my pervy friend. I called my pervy friend asking what he said and he told me that after he sent the photos my friend flipped and started insulting him and asked whether or not we had sex(he has this thing that when ever someone drinks he automatically askes about if they did the deed, it's a joke of his so this time he couldn't have been serious if all the other times he wasn't). My pervy friend wrote I don't remember all the skanks I ****(the dude has only seen naked women on his computer screen) and after these words he blocked him, he blocked me a little later but I wrote down when. I wrote to him on Skype saying I had no idea what he wrote he just told me that he invited you to our prom. After that he unblocked me and if before he wrote me a lot of messages to my messages now all he answers with is 😊.
I know that he definitely doesn't like me because he jokes far too much about that sex thing and alcohol, what guy that likes a girl jokes about that?
What can I do so he would go back to his "old" self?

And know the worst part- I fell in love with him and his coldness is killing me even though I know nothing will happen between us. And he live 1700 km away from me but he is coming to our country on the 13th of the next month.(he is originally from here)
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Reply Sat 14 May, 2016 10:12 am
There's nothing you can do right now - except behave yourself and get away from all those creeps who have used you. (Friends like that - you DON'T need)

This other guy - he lives in a foreign country? WHY even get started with that? Those kinds of relationships do NOT work with teens.

Stay away from the booze and from these kinds of guys.

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Reply Sat 14 May, 2016 10:14 am
1234543217 wrote:

So on April 25th I started talking to a guy

And know the worst part- I fell in love with him


you don't know him yet

you've got a crush on someone

if you meet him and spend time with him, something could develop but no, you didn't fall in love with him
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Reply Sat 14 May, 2016 10:16 am
also, it seems like you and champagne aren't a good mix
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