Am I Overthinking This??

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Story time. So I got a job with one of my college's sports teams. To do so I got in contact with the captain, who I did not know previously. He was the first person I met when I got the job, picked me up from my dorm to take me to the field, then also drove me to the game, which was in a different city, but close enough for the players to drive. We weren't alone, either, the players were in the car as well. I got along really well with him and the other players on the team. Now, at the game, I'm up in the stands, and suddenly this woman comes over to me. She knows my name, which is a little unsettling for me. Turns out she's his mom, and he's told her to look out for me and she told me that whatever I needed, I just needed to come to her. I didn't think much of it at first, other than that was really sweet of her. Later, after the game, he comes up to me apologizing that he can't take me back because he's staying here for the weekend, and sets me up in another car. Not as fun of a ride, but I still made friends with the guys pretty well.

So, back home and the next game takes all weekend. The coach asked me if I wanted to bring someone, as I'd be the only girl with 50+ guys, and he didn't want me to be uncomfortable. So, I invited a good friend of mine who was available last minute. Long story short, I'll never invite her again because she made a fool of herself and me. But, while on the bus, she told me she noticed that the captain was going out of his way to make sure I was more comfortable than she was. I did notice he was always around me in some way, but I figured 'it's a small bus, not a lot of room.' The next morning a group of us went to breakfast before continuing the trip, and I ended up not sitting with him. However, I really didn't have time to think on that, as he showed up to our table a lot. Also, when he wasn't there, or not around me in general and I'm with the other guys, they bring him up a lot. So, the night after the game, the guys go out. My friend and I were going out, but since she got sloppy the night before, I decided it would be best for us just to stay at the motel. We didn't really have curtains, just sheer drapes, so we just opened them because we weren't going to bed soon, plus when the guys came back wasted we thought it'd be funny to watch. So about 1:30 AM they all come straggling back, the Captain included. They guys are whooping and hollering when they see us, and we just laugh and wave. Suddenly, I hear a commotion outside our door. Since my bed is closest to the door and the window, I crane my head to see what's going on. I see that there's about six guys all crowded around Captain yelling at him about something, right in front of our door. So, naturally I get up and open the door, making sure everything's ok (all the while trying to make sure they don't see I have on no pants, just a large shirt. I barely get the question out before Captain blurts out "You wanna go to Denny's? Like, you guys wanna come to Denny's with us?" I kinda blanked but was like "yeah sure just let me grab some pants". So we went, and had a pretty good time (Except when other team member decided to get hands, and I called him out on it and told him to stop. Other than that, everything was fine.)

So, leaving to come home after the game the next day, we stop at a gas station, which has a fast food place in it. As I walk in Captain's table (which conveniently also holds creepy feely guy from the night before) all whip around and stare at me (nonchalantly, of course, with the stretches trying to be discreet, but seriously. 4 at one time? Not suspicious at all.) He sat next to me on the trip (Well, the aisle next to me, as my friend occupied the window seat. He was really next to the coach) And we talked the majority of the time, if we weren't doing homework.

So, new week, new game. This time it's home, so I'm not too worried about bringing a friend. Once at the field, these two men come up to me, who also know my name. It's Captain's dad and brother. So, now I'm really confused by everything going on. Both of them sit and talk to me for a while, and his dad tells me stories about him in college and some stories about Captain himself. Once the game starts, though, I have to do my job, so I couldn't talk to them anymore. But, I did notice them watching me. So, the game is over, and I'm packing up equipment, and his dad comes over and we talk a little more. I end up talking with him as we cross over the field, so I can give the camera equipment back to the coach. I talk to captain and coach for a bit, but I know I need to be on my way because I told my rugby friend I'd be at their game, which started about twenty minutes ago. I say bye to the guys and coach, then turn to Captain's dad and tell him it was really nice talking to him. I wish I had a recording of Captain's face. I'd never seen someone whip their head around to their parent so fast with their mouth open. I tucked that information away for later.

I didn't get to go to the most recent game, as I had something to do for a class, but I am going to the next game, which is for the whole weekend. I'd like to know now, am I overthinking all of this? Does he like me? Does he not, is he just being friendly do that I'm comfortable on the team? I work with this guy; I don't want to make anything uncomfortable.
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Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2016 02:05 am
I really dont knw what to say
i would advice u jst keep watching for now
dont rush into anythin or decision
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