My beagle puppies are trying to kill each other

Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 09:34 pm
I am a beagle breeder, with quite a unique problem. Recently Something quite terrible happened to my puppies, and I am quite curious as to what is causing the unique behavior I am seeing. In my dog shelter I have a piece of roofing tile leaning up near the wall. Somehow one of my poor puppies knocked this tile onto himself. It was not very heavy and I can't understand why he was trapped. In any event he was trapped underneath. When I can on the scene the puppies were going absolutely nuts. One of the puppies had the poor trapped puppy by the throat, and seemed to be attempting to kill him. To make a long story short I freed the trapped puppy ASAP, and took measures to make this never happen again. However, the rest of the puppies are acting strangely. They will just jump on each other for no apparent reason and just bite the living daylights out of each other. I mean hard. They act completely normal otherwise. eating food and drinking water. They run around and are perfectly friendly to me. Strangely the puppy who was trapped in that horrible incident doesn't act this way at all. I have been keeping them separated to avoid them damaging each other. They were vaccinated last Friday (october 9nth). I am completely stumped. I am thinking that the puppy being in distress like that got all the others all siked up and out of their heads a little. The fact that the trapped puppy act differently is (I think) because he was not in the same position as the others. I also wonder about the vaccine. Can someone confirm or disprove my theories. I need to get to the bottom of this problem.
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 10:34 pm
I know this is common with pot bellied pigs. If they have some small wacko traumatic thing happen to them in their nursing stage(such as mamma always wanting to roll over on em) The piglet can go all postal and will never really get socialized so its better to have a roast piglet because they will get mean in their adult life. Lotsa animals need careful socialization to avoid this. My neighbor has a hand of Belgian Draft horses and several "free range" pigs that wander the pastures with the horses. He also has a few pot bellied pigs he raises for his kids and others. He has always preached about early socialization and trying to keep them from imprinting something traumatic
As a kid , my dad raised Irish setters for show and field trials. We would begin handling them even before their eyes were open and it involved making fusses over them daily for extended periods of time.
The other dogs that I had raised were border collies and usually we only start socializing them after about 2 months. You want them to be developing their eye and abilities to handle others by just their stare and body. (they develop these traits very early)
Border collies that weve kept were always the one that didnt play like a kid but would sit in a corner and watch all the others. (Border Collies have never been mean in any owners Ive dealt with).

Sounds like some trauma got to the one pup. I guess you can treat it but it will take steady voice and a gentle hand on your part. Boxers from pounds often show fear aggression and it takes care to help them become good companions

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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 11:01 pm
They're bred to hunt, right? I'm thinking that the trapped puppy became prey to them and this has disturbed their relationships and pack loyalty to each other.

A bit as you see in sheepdogs that get loose and go round up sheep.

They will keep herding them until the sheep get panicked and the dogs begin to see them as prey. They can kill and maim many sheep in a single episode.

I'm sorry...I don't know what to do about it, if I am correct. Can you talk to your vet?

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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 11:07 pm
I assume this is not your first litter an that you have experience in raising the dogs. Have you any ideas how you'd work on this?
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