Argument with my guy.

Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2015 03:47 am
We were having a quiet evening one night when I noticed that the one of my computer Mac cords I always leave in the living room was missing. I recalled him using it at one point so I asked him where it was. He became very angry for accusing him of losing it and also gave me several kicks in the rear end. He felt I ruined a beautiful evening together by caring more about a computer cord than about him.

My guy has a tendency to lose things and/or misplace some of my things. I had asked him earlier today if he saw my sunglasses that I leave in the car. I know he sometimes wears mine when he cant find his. Perhaps the sunglasses and this last accusation about a computer cord got to him.

My guy has been accusing me of wanting to ruin a great relationship by being negative… being too pessimistic. I feel sorry for it as I have no intention of wanting to destroy our relationship. I know I can be a pessimist but I get even more anxious about being in this relationship when he keeps saying things like I have break-up issues and he cant tolerate my negativity and will one day have to leave the relationship if I dont change.

He went away today in my car to drive his daughter around. I suppose I wouldn't have minded so much but his daughter just does not like me too much. Sometimes my guy has not had the money to fill the car tank with gas and I find out all too late as I have to rush off to a business meeting with barely any gas in my car.

My guy is a very intelligent well read man and for the most part patient and gentle. I know his business will take off one day. However, I often feel anxious and resentful as he has a tendency to spend money he doesn't have right now and as a consequence I carry to burden of paying for most of the expenses and having to explain to my parents why he lives with me rent free.

I believe my guy will be financially successful one day. He even gives me great advice about my business and helps me out in many ways. He feels I’m really talented in what I do and so he knows how to market me to the right businesses….Only thing is.. I dont want to be a career woman. We were talking about having a baby. I’m just having difficulty getting pregnant.

When I get bitter and anxious about his finances, it’s probably very difficult for him to bare.
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Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2015 05:37 am
Do not get pregnant.

I ain't kiddin'.

Your financial imbalance will not change. Your guy's daughter will not suddenly love you. Your guy will not start pulling his financial weight. And if you mean what I think you mean about kicks in the rear end (and you're not using the term metaphorically), then he's abusing you. And that won't change, either.

He's got issues, possibly executive dysfunction of some kind but I am no doctor and he should be tested. He seems incapable of planning or organizing his life, or taking responsibility for his actions. He instead blames you and blows it up and out of proportion into an accusation of negativity. Christ on a crutch, you should be able to ask where your power cord is, before it turns into a federal case. You should not be beaten for a reasonable question, or even an unreasonable one. Wake up and sniff the java.

I would have walked long ago. Be glad you haven't gotten pregnant, because you would be dealing with two children at the same time.

Sometimes,the failure to get pregnant is the universe trying to tell you something.
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Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2015 05:52 am
'and also gave me several kicks in the rear end."

Is this an idiom? or did he actually kick you?

Please DON'T get pregnant - you will have 2 children to raise. I'm not kidding, this guy has several character flaws the would send me running!!

Ps Since when does giving advice indicate anything? A bullshitter is full of advice.
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Frank Apisa
Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2015 05:52 am
Assuming this is not a joke thread...then listen to what Jespah just said...only read her comments out loud to yourself...in as loud a voice as you can muster.

The reason I used the expression "joke thread" is because there is SO MUCH wrong with your relationship, it seems incredible you have not ended it on your own back about a month after it began.

If you do not have what it takes to end this thing...at very least...

...Do NOT get pregnant!

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