I'd not thought of this before, but now I see the concern

Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2015 08:36 am
... a concern that seems obvious, in retrospect. Or is it? There is often some racism or at least xenophobia in much of the world's history of warfare. The enemy becoming Other is rather natural. Tricky though to distinguish patterns if people are already xenophobic pre war.

White supremacists want a race war. They must not fight America's wars
Matt Kennard


I haven't read the article or the comments to it yet myself. I will soon. I'm interested in opinions.. since this got me thinking. (Need some more coffee.)
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Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2015 11:09 am
The US military has always had white supremacists as well as bigots, druggies, conservatives, liberals, sexual deviants and every other stripe of the population. When I was in, the Commanding Officer found out one of our reactor operators was a Satanist. He asked if he should be concerned with that guy running a nuclear reactor. We said no, his performance was fine and freedom of religion and all. That was the end of it. Having less than popular beliefs is not a reason to exclude someone from military service just like being gay or an atheist or a Republican is not a reason.
Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2015 11:52 am
Right. I'm all free speech oriented and freedom of assembly oriented and freedom re your own beliefs oriented. Well, that last is a little tricky re running a business to the general public, a matter that will be argued further. So why do I see white supremacist organizations within the armed forces (possibly) being a concern? I'm still mulling. It's a culture that seems to me to be at heart un-american - though plenty of americans act in racist or xenophobic ways - and possibly a force for improper behavior by our military. On the other hand, there are standards of military behavior and as long as they are followed, people of like beliefs grouping together isn't my or anyone else's business, is it?
Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2015 12:41 pm
When I was in the Navy, homophobia was rampant, among the folks I knew. Anybody suspected of gay tendencies was looked upon with hatred. A proven gay, of course, was released.
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Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2015 08:18 pm
What might be interesting, is that when this country started, the only "whites" were those from England/Scotland, Holland, Scandanavia, or Germany. Did I leave anyone out? Blacks were from Africa. Other nationalities might have been non-white, or at least not as white as those from the five locations above. I believe there are parents today that might glow with pride as they admire any platinum blond hair of their children.

As a child, during the Cold War, Russians were Slavic EuroAsiatic. Asians were Orientals (Ashkenazi Jews used to be referred to as Oriental Jews/Asiatic Jews if they came from Czarist Russia).

It seems that those with sleeping melanin cells are today being told that they are white. Only those with an "other" defined racial identity can claim non-whiteness?

If you notice in the Spanish novellas on tv, the dominant group in South America are very white folk; the mestizos tend to be the proverbial middle-management of society; Blacks seem to be quiet about their role in society? How did whites in South America manage to not feel threatened by non-whites? I have no idea, but in those novellas everyone seems to be content with their station in life? Or, is this just fiction?

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