Problem with inviting all friends to Facebook event

Reply Fri 5 Jun, 2015 11:57 am
I am an artist. I have 1000 FB friends - artists, collectors, curators, and critics. I want to invite them all to an event, but FB restricts the number you can invite to around 200 people. I hadn't even gotten to critics and curators that I wanted to invite when I got a restriction notice. I went ahead and sent more invitations and got another warning. I wanted to see who I invited and who were still left, so I could invited those, not included, separately. But, when I click on the invitees, a window popped up and said, "none has been invited." I am not able to see who was invited, and not able to undo the notice "None has been invited" notice. I wrote facebook, but they never directly respond. How do I fix this, so that I can see who was, and wasn't invited?
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Reply Fri 5 Jun, 2015 12:19 pm
I think you'll have to do some sleuthing. As in, ask a friend who you're pretty sure you sent an invite to - did you receive this? Don't be pushy; you're just asking for information (as you are here).

Next time - seriously - make a Facebook page for your art business. It won't be easy to convince everyone on your friend list to join it, but do it in small doses (as in, 20 - 50/day and no more). Start with the people who are your biggest fans and are most likely to spread your message/invitation to like the page. That's possibly your mom, but it's also your gossipy Aunt Margie who posts EVERYTHING on FB.

Once you've got a page (and when you get 30 people to like it, you can start getting metrics), you can add events easily and you won't have to send them to anyone.

Facebook is trying to do things with this restriction:
  1. It wants private individual accounts to remain for individuals and are not used for commercial purposes, as that prevents this precise situation, where you are stuck with manually inviting a ton of people and it's not targeted. It is in Facebook's - and yours, I might add - best interests for invitations like this to be targeted so that people don't feel like they're being spammed. And,
  2. Yes, Facebook would love to sell you advertising, in particular, ads which increase reach and engagement. But you won't need them, at least to start. Instead, pay attention to when your fans are online (another good reason to have a page and not use your private, personal account for such things) and target your messages to them and to the days and times they are on Facebook.
Reply Sat 6 Jun, 2015 08:41 pm
I already have a page, I find it totally useless, the people who come to my art openings are people who are friends in my private page, not the business page. So basically, FB has totally F'ed me over. I used to be able to click on all of the people who are in the art community in the town were I live, now only 1/3rd of those people will get it my event invites. this is not good. My business page doesn't work for what you say it does. It is a waste of my time and energy.
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