School Shootings, a Cannibalistic Protest

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No one seems to understand why kids have been shooting up school. I think even the kids that do it couldn't tell you afterward in a way that makes any sort of sense. If you think it’s utterly senseless then you were either brainwashed or you've chosen to forget.

It’s not about killing classmates and teachers because you hate them, to put what school shootings is into a single phrase they are a ‘cannibalistic protest.’ How do I know this? Because I experienced many dimensions of hating school. In elementary I was a nerd who was respected and I didn't get picked on, I still hated school. In middle school I grew into a cool kid who girls liked with a lot of friends I was in advanced classes and I still hated school. In high-school I moved to a new city for 9th grade, I was awkward, I didn't know anyone and I didn't want to make friends; I was a loser who used to be a winner and guess what, I still hated school. I moved back home and the rest of high-school I was a pot-head and guess what? I kinda started to like school, maybe it was the pot maybe it was maturity….

So what does the ‘cannibalistic protest’ hope to accomplish?? It’s domestic terrorism pure and simple… But also like the subject of this essay it’s not so simple and it is another phrase that needs defining. Everyone knows what terrorism is but what inspires terrorism is a lot different. And then there’s the domestic part, so what it’s like a house cat compared to a stray cat or a wild tiger? In every case terrorism results from decades, perhaps centuries of corruption and mistreatment of the lower classes by the ruling classes…

There really is no more complete of a way to ‘nut-shell’ what causes terrorism. Whether it’s suicide bombing, school shootings, or witch burning it’s all terrorist activity. Suicide bombing because war has changed and there is no honor to it anymore, school shootings because schools wont change and there is not enough room for sanity anymore, and witch burning which represents the horror resulting out of the ignorance of culture…

So a cannibalistic protest is a form of terrorism… Okay? dot dot dot

Lets try a thought experiment… Pretend you’re a kid who shot up your school, daamn, I thought being a loser was the worst thing you could be… Now rewind a year or so before you actually went through with the shooting. What kind of thoughts do you have while at school? Exactly, you have thoughts like a cannibal who wants to protest but there’s no one to protest with because cannibalism is as taboo as taboo gets…You’re starting to get it.... Now think… What country has the most school shootings… America, where the first amendment to our sacred text declares that speech is free with? That’s right, Guns! So a gun has become a tool of protest for the non-democratic prison-like education daycare that our youth must endure as a form of un-paid military training to prepare them for a life of overworking underpaid or overpaid under-fulfilled bullshit…

When you are an army of one or just a few but everyone else is armed with pencils, a gun can make a loud noise….

Seriously though… Everyday you have to go to school (unpaid work) for 8 hours listening to underpaid ‘adults’ many of which have failed at their first second or maybe 3rd career choice, you’re judged constantly put in social situations where sick cliques develop, people take on roles, the friends you grow up with change, move away, or just turn on you… Your parents don’t understand because they spent the last decade trying to forget their entire childhood and young adulthood (basically all the events leading up to them getting married and your being born). Their marriage failed and you’re unsure when the heavy drinking began… Before or after the marriage was over… Before or after you became depressed… [You think about shooting up the school not because you hate the other people but because you love them but you’re so full of hate everyday in the same cycle year after year that you can only feel the hatred… That’s why you have to blow holes in them to let the love leak out (did I make the subject funny yet). In all seriousness, there’s so much confusion, so many emotions in a brain still so young and underdeveloped.]

Why don’t we focus more on actually making students smarter instead of cramming useless information in with the same cheap strategies giving tests and grades as if studying actually makes you better at anything other than studying… I’m not going to die a skeptic because I haven’t lived as a skeptic because my whole ******* life is sapped by the exhaustive feelings of hatred I have towards this undemocratic system which in a nut shell REALLY hasn't changed in two-hundred years… I hate what humanity becomes while a part of it I hate what we think we are as a result of it like no one is real like nothing is real we’re just personalities which are a product of how often we’re prodded by other personalities well I have a personality too and a prod I call Glock… Run pencil dat!
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