What (struggles and feelings) connects us as human?

Reply Sun 5 Apr, 2015 01:47 am
I want to know what it is that we all have in common. How to teach empathy not only as the understatement of one another but the feeling of relation.
The things that no matter where we are, what we do, or what we look like, we all feel the same and perhaps react the same Confused
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julian paul
Reply Mon 6 Apr, 2015 02:10 am
The Feelings we have for others can be so different of how we feel about ourselves , Myself , I struggled for years with not liking who I was or what I thought others felt I was becoming , and the two never seemed to be the same . I thought I was nice yet listened to close family and friends that seemed nice to my face but always made me out to be another person when talking with others . Lets come forward many years for now and let me tell you i'am happy with whom I am and with what I do now ex sample Boxed professional for years always around mancho people as having a gym this attracted this sort of persons , all good and respectful in the gym I had so why the stigma , Now spiritual for the last 5 years teaching with understanding life with the truth and ''To be Honest '' with everything I do and ''to be honest'' with what I say , I ask question about anything and everything when healing others as the truth is sometimes at the end f a very personal question at times so unless I follow what I preach I know it is what is needed to be asked and all ways have a little talk on a 1 2 1 to explain how I work and what has been prepared for their journey of healing . Sensuality sensitivity ,emotions , affections , sadness , happiness these are things we feel inside yet hide them in are feet so not to get hurt , Showing love or affection even our emotions we hide, knowing how to switch it all of yet we all need loving and touching . Touching ourselves all over sensitively , emotionaly all with passion aiming for the orgasm that we deprive ourselves from as growing up we are told its dirty and wrong , who said what god gave to us is wrong for I teach you and others to get to know your own pleasures , how you like to be touched where and how , explain to yourself so you will pass this important information on to your lover , partner or just good friends . Connection to us humans we all can have Tantra , if this is done correctly one connects with another spirited one . Again Tantra is being comfortable with yourself in spirit and in life , having this freedom of being into ourselves having the knowledge of what gets you passionate and in wanting a word as to having ''SEX'' with another spirit when meditating either with someone there with you or a spiritual person else where . Everything happens with the connection between us as humans and them as spirits . Being intouch with all that's around us and that's what is in us as the spirit entangles itself so being able to connect with whom you choose to share you experience's with in the spiritual world letting yourself free , so then you will be able to enjoy and embrace the physical experience with the desired person of your choice Feelings we struggle to let out , Privately Know your body and enjoy your body as God gave the lady the clitoris with more than 3,000 sensitive spots and 5 g spots up in side your virgina for pleasure so have fun and do not let anyone tell any different as this is God's gift to man to find and explore . for only if the man would tie a knot in the end of itt so only to find please with the lady he's with satisfaction will be had with both , Orgasm after orgasm from you to him or her and the more wetter you become the softer you feel and warm wet and dripping in love with thee orgasms become longer and plenty ful with no oder nor taste , this is known as drinking from the golden chalice , drinking pure juices of spiritual love and is good for healing the receiver as well as the giver ,.Drinking from the golden chalice the sweet pure clean nectar from the spirits from beyond . enjoy finding yourself thoughhts of love and passion our with you and with my spirit I offer to you as for you and you alone one night that they might meet , as to manifest at your request that one night show each other our own true love
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Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2015 10:27 am
That speech from President Kennedy came instantly to mind, "We all breathe the same air, cherish our children's future, and are all mortal."

I find solace in physics and how all matter's connected to all other matter making us all one single organism but due to our limited perspective assume we're discrete and autonomous beings like individual cells in our body might. Many cells each individual and discrete while nonetheless being merely part of a great whole unit. As it is with people and animals and the planet itself. The distance between the atoms which make up my foot and the ground is nil. It's actually the exact same distance as the distance between the individual atoms making up my own body. Yet I like to think I'm a single organism. But if in fact I merely suffer the impression of being single, just as a single cell of my body would if it could think, and my body is actually 'connected' to the ground, which connects to another person's body then we're all in a very literal sense just one massive organism. We just think we're discrete much as single cells do.

So when we do things to other people, or other cells, we're actually doing them to ourselves.
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