What should I do?

Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2015 08:00 pm
Ok, so I met this guy online and he seemed really nice. So I messaged him. We talked a bit then exchanged numbers. He from the start was not a very descriptive texter (ok, cool, sounds good.. stuff like that). So I didn't think he wasn't interested since it started out like that. So the same day he asks what I was doing later I said idk he said wanna meet up? Of course I said yes. So we meet up. We talk a bit and I thought it went well. After that day I just wanted to see what he was looking for a relationship or just a friend? Either way I didn't care since he was cute, had a truck (Which is a turn on for me) he lived close to me and he had amazing blue eyes which I loved. So anyways he answered that question with both. So I said well explain what both means.. Like be friends then maybe a relationship or what.. he said idk. So I got frustrated, as I assume he did to. because he said fine i'll find someone else, that pissed me off so I said fine bye... Well the next day I casually text him so did you just have a really bad day yesterday? He answered with a ?... So I told him the guy who texted me that yesterday was not the same guy I met sunday. I said I was looking forward to getting to know you and maybe a relationship with you. He responded with you said just friends... Which i did, but I also said along with that start with friends and then maybe go to a relationship, but whatever. I then proceeded to ask him can we redo this and meet up again? He said depends. I said on what. He said if we get to cuddle ( He seems to be obsessed with that). I said yes of course we can. So we started making plans where to meet and what not. So the time comes and we meet up. We get in his truck and find somewhere to park kinda private. So he gets out of his truck and I do as well he grabs me and hugs me then starts to make out with me. So I went along with it loving every moment. Then we went into his back seat. He still making out with me. The he lays me down and we make out more. The he starts touching me and moving his way up my shirt. I then start to move my hands all around him. The he takes my hand and guides it to his crotch area, making me feel him up. I grab his belt and he said you can un-do it, it's bothering me anyways. So I do, I don't want it to get any farther than this. So I don't let him do the same to me. Even though he tried. I said I just met you, Save this for a different day, I can't give you everything at once. I think that made him mad, even though he said it didn't. So we kiss and feel and what not, then I say your lucky I like your truck and you and your eyes. Then I wanted to see what he would say so I asked.. but the real question is do you like me. In his horny voice he says mhm. Me knowing he is lying in my head ignores this. So we get back up and i get close to him. Then I ask playfully and poking him, when abouts do you live near he said that's classified info. I said come on I practically told you where I live. He says maybe next week ill tell you. Me thinking he had a good time and wants to see me again!! So we wrap it up and he says he is tired and needs to go to sleep to wake up for work early in the morning ( he did look really sleepy). So i kiss him goodbye and leave. He still sitting in the parking lot when i pass him (I think he didn't want me to follow him home maybe... which i wouldn't anyways). But I text him when I get home that night (I live farther away from where we were than he does) and I say i'm home how about you? He said im driving... I said still? whats taking so long. He didn't respond... so after half hour i text him goodnight, I had fun thank you, see you soon! still no respond back. So I go to bed. Next day comes. Knowing I texted him last I wait and hope for a response or something, but of course nothing. So the day goes by and I leave work at 5, I text him hey then a little while later how was work? a simple question. Nothing back... still. ( Just so you know this is current time, just happened to me, no days or weeks have past...) So what did I do? Did I say something wrong not knowing? I really like him, but I am trying so hard not to text him and be like wtf dude are you just using me or do you want something out of this... ugh lol I mean come on he kissed me like for an hour and touched me and I felt so close with him idk what to do :/ help!!!
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2015 08:18 pm
You didn't **** him on the first date and now he's pouting.
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2015 08:23 pm
So, you say you first want to be friends and then maybe a relationship. You might want to figure out exactly what each of those stages involves.

You've spent a quantity of time with him. What have you learned about him other than he drives a truck, has blue eyes and wears a belt that annoys you?

What did he get to learn about you other than you flirt and get him horny before putting the brakes on?

Ever heard the term "blue balls?" He was probably taking care of unfinished business and his hands were busy when you texted goodnight to him.

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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2015 08:39 pm
What you should do is not type up twenty eight lines of writing to expect any of us to read it.

Learn to make paragraphs.
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Josie Burness
Reply Sat 14 Feb, 2015 09:37 am
I'm going to tell you something for free. There are some guys who go online just to get sex. There is a chance that's all he was after.
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