My annoying brother/best friend.

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Okay so I was best friends with Luke for the entirety of middle school. We had a pretty good relationship, we enjoyed doing lots of things together. We had very similar interests and would have lots of long talks about everything in our lives. He had a twin brother that I was friends with too. He invited me to go to scouts at the end of fifth grade, I went along to a few of the meetings. At the time I lived with my grandparents and single mother. With my grandfather I did lots of boy things, and enjoyed them a lot. So when I was introduced to scouts I was hooked right in and I joined the pack. Then middle school came around, me and all my new scout friends would hang out at school and soon enough we were all buddies. So in the scout troop (now a troop that we were in middle school) their were the older ones that kept to themselves. Their were six of us in the same grade, the outcast of our group was #####(uncommon name), he has ADHD, clueless about his surroundings and forgetful. Luke kind of took advantage of me, I have a very hard time saying no especially with pier pressure, I don't like myself very much and wanted to impress and make myself feel better, I am very competitive and wanted to be the best at most things, Luke and his twin brother(not identical) both liked me a lot and fought for my friendship, Luke eventually as he was very persuasive, and his twin became friends with someone else. Luke and his family moved to California right before high school, I didn't like it very much. So at our school/troop friends was totaling four, one kid I didn't know very well, ######(uncommon name 2) who I was okay friends with, ADHD kid and me. In ninth grade the kid I didn't know very well left our group. So I and the two others grew closer, All about even friends. Our scout troop was disassembled and I spent less time with number two kid, and I and number one kid became better friends. I more in common with him and we got along great. My single mother and his father married in the summer after ninth grade. Our grandparents wanted us to move out to retire. His dad recently bought a house, my two sisters live in seperate bedrooms upstairs, and my two parents live upstairs as well, the basement was renovated so my current step brother, his brother and I. His brother looks up to me and we get along. So in the basement their are two rooms. Everyone assumed we would be in the same room, so we were. He is extremely persuasive, and persistent. So I would be watching a movie or playing a video game, he would practically beg asking me again and again to do Legos, play a boring video game. I would say no over again and again. I would go upstairs and he would follow me, He would stop if one of our parents was around. But for three hours after school our parents are not home. I can't do much so I eventually cave in. He does this to me frequently and it is getting very annoying, things would be much worse if he didn't have to go to his mothers house half the time, every other week. He knows I will give and that he will get his way. He tries to embarrass me in social situations, telling people stuff, asking me to do things. I can barely do all of my homework, when he is taking up a lot of my time. I have always been in a room by myself, I hate sharing and I can barely stand this. He will just take and use my things, it drives me crazy. I am almost always prepared and have the things I need, he is always forgetting, takes my things, thakfull not too many things have gone wrong from me not having something for school. Currently I have no friends, I need to do something or things may not end up well. I do not feel comfortable telling him, or my parents, I am thinking about asking a school counselor for help. I am very shy, love to be by myself, don't like jokes, like things to be particular and things to be in order, I don't like changes. What can I do to have him not think he can get what he wants, how do I get to my own room, or at the very least not with him. I sometimes wish he was dead, but I couldn't bring myself to say this or do anything about it. I am trying to avoid him in anything I do, hide things that I have, I want to get a safe to keep all of my stuff safe, but those are expensive. He will just grab my food, take things of mine, he does not do things in front of my parents, he tries to hide things and blames things on others, including me. He is bigger than me, most of this stuff I wouldn't tell the counselor. I would just say he is taking advantage of me and that I needed help getting into a differnt room.
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 06:37 am
Tell your parents that your brother's antics are keeping you from studying, and ask them to either take you to the library after school so you can study, or stay after voluntarily and do so, and just arrange with them when you'll be picked up.
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 08:04 am
May I ask your ages?

A teen girl should not be sharing a room with a teen boy.

You MUST tell your parents about unhappy you are and how he prevents you from studying. Get the courage to do that. Talk to your mother first.

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