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I have a 4 year old neice, who has spent more tiime living with my parents, and occassionally staying with me, vs living with her parents. (her mom is my sister). She has currently been with me the last week, as there is no heat, nor food in the house. This is the typical situation. This has been going on for her entire life, and I dont know what options we have. Its always something, no money, no food, she and her husband are constantly borrowing money from someone. He goes to work when he feels like it. But they always seem to have money for liquor and cigs. My parents and I have quit giving them any money, but do make sure my niece has milk and food. Im just looking for some advise.
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Contact a family lawyer. Do you want custody of your niece? It's not easy, but it's not impossible, particularly if you can and are providing a stable home whereas her own parents are not.

Even without custody, you can talk to a lawyer and get a referral to an accountant for possibly setting up a fund for your niece that would be for her expenses and not for her parents'. There are 529 plans for postsecondary education but you should be able to create a trust for more immediate needs.

But the bottom line is that this may turn into a fight over this child. I hope it doesn't, but that's a very real possibility here.
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No heat and no food.

Call CPS. (your call will be anonymous)

Let them sort it out.

You may not want to take custody of a child. Not everyone can. But at least take steps to see that she is protected.
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