How do I handle this situation with cps investigation

Reply Fri 3 Mar, 2023 08:56 am
I am unfortunately dealing with a cps investigation as a result of someone reporting false information as a means of retaliation because my husband and I reported them for theft and they are at risk of being fired, they harassed us and bombarded us with texts and threats to file cps reports if we went forward with pressing charges. I have already spoken to the assigned caseworker and fully explained the situation and what led to this whole mess, also sent her screenshots of all the threatening texts that basically confirmed that this report was only called in due to their being upset at facing criminal charges and facing termination at their job... and even though these forms of proof have been provided I am still being,pretty much, hunted down and harassed by this worker and being told I am required to consent to a meeting at their office and also allow them to interview my child... I do know,thanks to my own investigation of my rights in NYS, that I do not have to consent to any of these things without a court order, however, I am not entirely sure if resistance is the best course of action at this point... will it only look bad for us if we refuse to cooperate even though its been shown that this is only her way of striking back at us? Do we refuse to allow them into our home and to interview our child without a more substantial reason or lacking any evidence at all ?
We have already had them show up once and we actually did allow them into our residence,in which they witnessed that we are a clean, well kept family, without any "drug paraphernalia " present or around our child(which is what the allegations are saying, that we are heavy drug users who apparently leave "thousands of needles and harmful drug using apparatuses within reach of our children" which is rediculous and how estly laughable if it weren't being taken seriously by cps) we do NOT use drugs, much less have anything related to them in our house or around our children, and when they visited-unannouced, I might add,so we didn't have time to "clean up or hide anything", there was no evidence to show that there was any kind of truth to these allegations.. and yet, she still calls my phone multiple times a day basically demanding I must come into her office and meet with her, during one of the busiest and most stressful times I can recall, and I'm supposed to rearrange my entire schedule to cater to the investigation completely based on lied and so clearly intended to cause me problems.
I guess my question is this, do I go along with this and chance them deciding to further harass my family, or do I call legal aid and refuse to consent to any more meetings or anything like that without the advice of a lawyer ? Please help, I don't want to piss them off and bring more stress or problems onto us but I also don't want to give them free reign and end up being railroaded and screwed over, bc truly, if someone tried to take KY kid I will for sure catch a murder charge. I don't want that to happen, obviously lol, so please. Any,EDUCATED OR KNOWLEDGEABLE ADVICE would be much appreciated... however, if you do not know the facts or have not experienced something similar and simply want to add your opinion with no facts or experiences to back it, i simply request that you refrain from commenting with any unneeded or unwanted uneducated or uninformed opinions. I simply don't have time to wade my way through a ton of unhelpful comments. Thanks you
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Reply Fri 3 Mar, 2023 09:37 am
You should call Legal Aid.
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Reply Fri 3 Mar, 2023 11:03 am
Your problem ( which you have not explained without evidence ) is this co-worker about stealing company/agency properties. This in fact could ruin there lives and possibly push them into debt, suicide, or murderous tendencies. Whatever it is you said/did to them is ten times worst because some agencies will block a person from employment for the next five years. Even if they did "steal" from the agency. It would have to be something major. Like funds, or actual furniture that was still in use or on the books.
It like blacklisting somebody for an innocent action. You have cruel people and cultures that is problematic.

Well a "Hospital Social Worker" a type of employee that visits the home of the patient, to ensure they have proper living conditions. As with us leaving the hospital when we are born, an elderly person with a condition/ and or disability, or even find means to have an aide/assigned medical-worker/nurse/ or helper assist with recovery via medical-insurance if available. That is what a CPS-worker is.

This CPS-worker will just take notes and make rounds. For some reason a problem arises late only you would be in trouble. Like take a person with a warrant to search a room in a house. If the officer on duty passes a room and finds a _____ in the area they can press charges on the way to that search location they are in the green. However if they perform a search ( any action ) in terms of bending down, opening doors, or browsing areas where they should not browse and still find ____ they would be in violation of the law and possibly could be charged.

All a CPS worker will do is.

Check if the place is clean.
Check food in fridge.
Check carpeting.
Check for vermin
Many of them practiced being nurses/officers so they will check for bruising on children.
Have a conversation with the children. Many are parents and have other jobs working with small bodied people.
Have a conversation with you. Many study Sociology/Physiology.

That is it. Whatever happen at work I would just drop it and tell the guy not to worry. They "Can not take back what they reported because the original report would be unlawful".

Remember "Bees to Honey" or "Flies to Pies" You gotta be positive and weaponize politeness. It is like when the landlord writes how they will be reporting your rent-payments to a credit-agency, which means you could opt out but why would you want to opt out.
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