Need advice on what I should do

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I currently have a cps case that I was "indicated" for child abuse. That I would like to fight. I'll start from the beggining. In July of 2012, I was 10 weeks pregnant when me and my boyfriend where in a really bad 4 wheeler accident. I was starflighted to the hospital, where I spent a week in ICU for fractured collar bone, 3 fractured ribs, a spot in my spine fractured, and my lung collasped in the hospital. When I got out was prescribed norco 5mg . I took them until the pain went away and still had a script of 30 of them left. When my son was born and I were both clean. When he turned 1, I found I was pregnant with my youngest son. Because of my insurance problems I wasnt able to get a baby doctor until I was about 32 weeks pregnant . With picking up my first son all the time , my shoulders started to hurt again. And I also had a really bad tooth ache that was literlly keeping me up all night , and putting me into tears at work. Once I finally got Medicaid , I was seen by the baby doctor. The Medicaid still had that I was on my dad insurance so because I didnt live with him they did not cover anything, I have 1000s of dollars in medical bills from the accident , and they did not tell me that I needed a signed paper stating I wasnt on his insurance anymore until after I had my youngest. So I didnt have a primary care doctor to have look at my shoulder. So at my first appointment with the baby doctor I had told her I was literly eating the oral daily and tylenol for my tooth ache. I had already taken most of the leftover vicodin that I had. But because it was my first appointment with her, I did not tell her I was taking them. Wanted to feel her out first. I told her the tylenol was not helping and want a referral to the dentist, which she did not give me at that appt. At my 2nd appt at 34weeks she had asked me about the vicodin being in my system , apparently they drug tested for every appt. I told her I was taking them for my tooth because the orajel and tylenol werent helping and I needed that tooth pulled. She offered me a drug program (that I denayed since I was only taking them for the pain) and gave me a dentist refferal. I went to the dentist the very next day to have the tooth pulled and he wouldnt pull it because I was to far along. And it was a nerve so I wasnt prescribed any antibiodics . I called her and asked was I was suppose to do. She told me to deal with it. So I continued taking the vicodin in which she knew about every appt since I was tested everytime I went in. once mine were gone, I started to get them from my dad. Also my oldest doctor was different my youngest. But this lady I felt was looking down on me , I had my oldest with for one of the appts and the only thing she cared about was, what time he went to bed and woke up and ate lunch and all these questions that his own doctor didnt even ask! She never once told me that if I had kept taking the Vicodin my youngest could have a chance of being born having withdraw. Not ONCE! I was having problems with my tooth everyday! So I was taking one to two a day. The day before my due date, I started having contractions and did 90% of the labor at home. When I got into the hospital, I told them I had taken the vicodin for my tooth ache and the drug tested me and my son, we both tested positive and they called CPS on me. They looked into my history and came to my house to see my oldest. My house was clean and my son was clothed and feed. No signs of abuse. I stay in the hospital with my 2nd son for the extra 4 days to make sure he had no signs of with drawl, which he didnt. The nurse that were treating him told me that he was perfect and health and didnt see a reason for him to be in there. But because they had gotten my history from the baby doctor , I was "Indicated" in child abuse. They asked for the old script bottle, which I had thrown away because they were gone. I did not think to pull out my medical records that I had copys of from my accident. So I agreed to take the drug and alcohol evaluation. Once I brought my son home I went to the dentist and 2 teeth pulled and was prescript a script of 7.5mg hydrocodone. I told the evalution lady I had and I can not take more then 3 in a day with out getting sick. She gave me two drug tests and I tested positive for the hydrocone . That I had told her I was taking. I finally got my self a primary care doctor to took at my fractured collar bone that I am having troubles with even more now then before. I had x rays done and go back to my doctor at the begining of the month. To discuss what needs done with it. Its hurt to even drive and turn the stearing wheel now. I can only hold my 3 month old for about 10 minutes before I have to set him down. But the evalution lady is putting me into classes for having a drug problem that I dont have and wants me to go to 2 group meetings a week plus see her. Thats 3 appts in a week. Im not even sure in my insurance will even cover it! The first 2 appt were 700 dollars! Im already in debt for my wheeler accident. I want to refuse the treatment but Im afraid of CPs taking my kids away if I do. And if there is nothing my doctor can do for my shoulder, I dont want to be miserable the next 3 months because they think I have a drug problem and I cant take anything for it. But if a perscribed them and going to the group would be pointless! Im so lost on what I should do. I want to write to the State Cps to have it over looked and have it changed from " Indicated" to " Closed/ Unfound" but not really sure how I am to do that and If I should get a lawyer. I need some advice anyone??
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Get a lawyer any time there's a child abuse issue. Don't screw around or go bargain basement on that.
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