Are there any peaceful muslim nations?

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As I mentioned - it was not a comment on the validity or otherwise of those actions - rather a comment simply in relation to the quote.

People are entitled to their views as to the right or wrong of things, but they should bear some resemblance to the known facts / known facts should be acknowledged.

What do you think all the apologists on this thread do? They:
- ignore or excuse each and every terrorist event (most of them can't bring themselves to even acknowledge the event)
- ignore the number of them
- ignore how they are ongoing in nature
- ignore the breadth of them across the world
- ignore what the terrorist shout as they commit such
- ignore the belief systems the terrorists hold
- don't want to think about what the above things mean as a whole, nor why such exists...
...even before we get to intolerance in the name of religion

...and apologists, while doing the above, criticise those who criticise the above.

We shouldn't engage in behaviours we criticise others for. If we ask others to critically evaluate something we have an issue with, we should also critically evaluate our own beliefs.
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Pope slams culprits behind Philippines church service attack

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for twin bombings that killed at least 20 people during a Catholic Church service in the Philippines, the militant group’s news agency Amaq says.

The attack on Sunday on a predominantly Muslim island in the country’s volatile south wounded 81 people, and was one of the deadliest in recent years in a region long plagued by instability...

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, issuing a formal communique saying two suicide bombers had detonated explosive belts, according to the SITE Intelligence Group which monitors jihadist activities.....
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