My crushes and yours

Reply Thu 25 Sep, 2014 10:50 pm
So I wanted to anonymously rant about my awkward crushes. You should too. Razz I'm a girl.

Okay, so I'm pansexual, just to get that out of the way. My first crush was a girl that moved to my school from Texas. She was a lesbian, and we could've hooked up, but I was too goddamn awkward for that to happen.

Then before I knew it, I was a high school freshman, with a crush on a straight girl. >Sad. And she always wore yoga pants and had a great ass. Now she's a recovering druggie though. 2 straight girl crushes later, and now we are getting in to the good stuff.

I had a crush on a girl on my gymnastics team. Let's call her Ann. She had a boyfriend, so for a month I kind of hated him, but his brother was a cool guy in GSA with me so mleh.

Then I had a crush on a girl in my gym class. I thought she was bi, so if kind of wrote a love letter. Unfortunately she is straight, but we are still friends.

Now for the worst part. I have a crush on a guy. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIs! I knew I was slightly attracted to guys but I never thought I'd get romantically interested in one due to the traumatizing childhood sexual abuse I went through. But NOOOOOO!!!!!

Now, this wouldn't be quite so horrible if it weren't for this tidbit of information. He had a girlfriend. I knew his girlfriend well. She's a good friend of mine. We met in gymnastics. If you haven't gotten the message yet! ANN IS HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! Oh for fucks sake! RARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! This is the hardest I've ever fallen for anyone! EVER! **** my life! And my brain keeps trying to convince me there's a chance because he and I are the same age and Ann is a year older, and they'd split when she graduates this year. But what if they try to go long term, or she stays nearby. My brain is also saying 'oh you guys would be great together, your both super artistic and sarcastic and geeky and ****! You're like the same person but opposite sex!'

So, that's what's going on in my life. How about you?
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Reply Thu 25 Sep, 2014 11:04 pm
Well, I 'm a retired NY trial attorney. I live in Florida.
Later today, I 'm flying to Chicago for the 2nd Amendment Foundation's
Gun Rights Policy Conference. We are very excited about the Peruta case
in the US 9th CCA and about 3 pro-liberty cases in the US 7th CCA.
I remain an advocate of analytical jurisprudence.
We r very OPTIMISTIC qua the future of defensive liberty.

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Reply Fri 26 Sep, 2014 01:04 am
Me? I am a semi retired Health and Safety Instructor for the main Matador Union in Spain. We only had eighteen gorings last year, so you can see that my safety training is paying off.
Hobbies include secretly painting the back of people's coats with fluorescent yellow so they don't get run over at night, handing out poo proof beany hats for the pigeon feeders in the town square, giving lavendar infused dog treats to any aggressive looking mutt (calms them down AND freshens the breath) and the painting over of sexually suggestive road advertising in order to reduce local vehicular accident rates among young males.
My first crush was of course, Nanny, who used to look after me when my Parents were on their travels through various poor, exploitable countries.

She was wonderful and did everything for me.....washing, bathing, dressing, feeding, releasing me from the dungeon, putting me to bed at night, giving me cuddles .....aaaah, Nanny.
I was only seventeen at the time, but knew I was in love. It was about that tine I developed my fetish for rubber gloves and kitchen gadgets, but I digress.
When I struck out on my own in the world, just before my forty third birthday, I soon found myself sitting in the desperately poor part of Kensington and Chelsea, with only enough money for a double choc chip giant muffin, a large frappuccino and a moderately priced three storey town house just behind Harrods.
I was sitting there wondering whether life could get any worse, when who should walk by, but a vision of beauty, nay, an angel.
She had two gorgeous legs, one slightly shorter than the other, a nose like a bad prizefighter, one cauliflower ear, teeth like a bag of spanners and, being a dowager of some sort, a trust fund income of £200k per year for life.
It was true love.

Sadly, it didn't last. She ran off wih the plumber who came round to fix the frog filter on the swimming pool, and the only thing I got in the divorce settlement was the southern half of Warwickshire.

Oh well, you makes your own luck.
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