Is he stringing me along?

Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2014 11:50 am
Met a guy on a dating site a month ago. we were exchanging texts back and forth for a month before me met. (it was my fault it took so long to meet as i was super busy) Conversation was easy going and we would talk about anything and everything. Tone between us was always upbeat and fun.

Anyway we finally met and we hit it off instantly. Firework chemistry and non stop flowing conversation. He kissed me halfway through the night and from that point on it just felt amazing. He mentioned date number 2 during the date and i said yes id like to see him again. The date ended after 4 hours. We kissed goodnight and hugged and as we were parting he again he mentioned seeing me again. He text me before id even got home to ask if i was home safe yet. Sent a couple of texts back and forth before we said goodnight (He again said 'lets sort another date soon').

He text again on the saturday asking how i was. (date was on thursday) and we spoke a little about the date. He said how intense it felt but intense in a good way and that i felt really good.... that i was a great kisser and i replied saying he felt good too. After that he initiated text every day but text with no substance.... it was just hi how are you and not much else. i was expecting him to set up another date but he wasnt and his tone was just cold... nothing like any of our upbeat texting before the date. We got to wednesday now and i was so fed up with his 'hi how are you' that i just replied and said 'hey why dont you call me later if you are free and maybe we can talk then' he agreed he would call that night. But he didnt call.... He did text in the morning saying he was sorry he was shattered from work and fell asleep the night before and he promised he would call that night. I replied saying no probs, have a great day. I wasnt that bothered although he was online on whatsapp till late so he could have called if he wanted too but no big deal...

He finally calls that night as promised and im thinking great! finally we can hear one anothers voices and actually arrange a date... he called while he was driving to a friends house. we spoke for about 20mins and then he said he had to go as he reached his friends place and that we had to get something in the diary soon. Why is he being so vague? i dont understand.... why call me why text me everyday but not set a second date? i totally feel like any momentum has died now esp as our little conversation through text has been very generic and without sentiment or tone. Am i wrong to be seeing red flags already? Seems like ive been put on a back burner here. There is such a massive difference in the way he's been texting me and i dont think ive ever been on a great date where 1 week later a 2nd date hasnt been confirmed when there has been contact by the guy everyday. Cannot be that he is shy as he literally pursued the hell out of me to get me on this first date when i wasnt so engaged prior to meeting. Im very confused here. Shall i just forget him and move on?
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Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2014 12:34 pm
Looks like he has set up several dates on the dating site and he cannot make up his mind yet. Maybe he has a pattern - goes out with 10 different ladies, narrows it down to five, and goes from there. You are probably in his closer circle, but he is still playing the field, thus keeping in contact with you.

If I were you, I'd text him that you had a great time on the initial date, however, since he hasn't made other arrangements for a second date, you will proceed with other dates you had declined previously. Wish him good luck with his endeavors and let him off the leash. He's a dog!!
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2014 02:31 pm
you will proceed with other dates you had declined previously.

I would follow everything EXCEPT this underlined advice - unless it is true!
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