what do these poems mean?

Mon 14 Jul, 2014 03:39 pm
these were written by my boyfriend, we broke up a few days ago still live together and getting mixed signals from him..still trying to find a way to fix this.. help ? he wrote these yesterday. Ive included parts he scribbled out wasn't sure if he was including them or not

"to many words to describe, but i have to start some where just give me a moment of your time allow me to show paint the scene for you of whats inside my mind, first things first now where do you wanna go you and i with no distractions too many words for me to describe these feelings like a thousand hits of the best drug im caught up the rush that i get from your eyes i know its hard to hide but i cant deny cause i got to let you lets get it out of the way i gotta take off this weight no i cant wait too many words you want action i got the proof so close to one another "

then he skips a few lines and writes " no time for talk its the time to talk action" wasnt sure if he meant "take" but it says talk..

another one he wrote
"no thoughts of anyone else one track mind and im killing myself my one track mind has me losing myself"

" why cant we pick up where we left off tell me whats changed since then its more then apparent i can see it allready you dont have to hide nothing from me cause more than not your rite and we know what comes next parting ways is more than just the end"

" past mistakes wont change and time heals all wounds"

"haunted by the past old habits die hard and people die fast so i refuse to let this go by"

last one he ripped out of the notebook and crumbled it..

"let me speak my mind all come right out and say it are your thoughts of me often on do i seldom cross your mind is it like day and night when im around and then gone just help me understand how you truly feel inside((girl just speak your mind the way i do ive got nothing to hide all im about is you, speak your mind prove it to me tell those words that i got to hear"

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Tue 15 Jul, 2014 05:17 am
what do these poems mean?
Ask him.
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Thu 17 Jul, 2014 04:38 am
When I was in Singapore, I once took up with a statuesque Nordic woman who used to write poetry, then put a horned helmet on and sing it to me forcefully from the kitchen.

I remember lots of rhyming words like fiddle and diddle, rumpy and pumpy, but the general gist of the poetry seemed to all get lost in the bellowing.

She could pick me up with one hand and made a fine strudel, though.

Hope this helps.

Thu 17 Jul, 2014 06:31 am
Oh, and fish.

Vikings eat tons of it. All very well until she breathed out.
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