A student, A soldier, and a Terrorist

Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 04:05 pm
It’s easy to feel that Islamic terrorists are somehow different than home-grown terrorists. If one took the time to look at the human similarities they’d be shocked to see how similar the naked ideals of a terrorist are to that of a soldier. A conscientious observer would note that they both seek to inspire change through killing. Soldiers are not terrorists but our nation has long treated them as second-class citizens while a select-few are used as puppets paraded by politicians to create the illusion of honoring veterans.

A significant portion of American school-children must share at least some of the views of Boko Haram or we would not have school shootings almost every week like clockwork. These school-children have not been indoctrinated or brainwashed by any foreign religious extremist group; it’s as if mass-shootings in our centers of education has become a part of our culture, perhaps to better prepare our citizens for their role as world police? I find this sentiment absurd but if school-shootings cannot inspire a governmental revolution in our schools (a massive reformation of the system from its very foundation) then nothing will.

The problem will not be fixed by gun regulation; it will not be fixed by censorship or psychological intervention, to stop school shootings we must negotiate with the mass-murderers. We must give school-children what they are murdering each-other in massive numbers every year for, freedom of education. There is no other way to heal the psychological trauma we are inflicting on these people that we pretend are intellectual peers based on the number of times they have shared a trip around the sun.

School-children need friends their own age of maturity and they need classmates at their own level of intellectual progress. These two facets of social existence cannot be met by a manufactured social system. Only freedom to choose one’s educational career from the moment they’re able to understand the implications of such a decision (their parents have some say but should be inconsequential in the long run). Such a decision should not lock one in place for life. There is basic education, there is cultural education, and there is vocational education all of which we should begin training early on.

As we continue to send our school-children into an archaic system we will continue to have savage results. The problem isn’t the schools but an outdated school-system. Imagine the scandal that just came out with the V.A., now apply that to our educational system; the outdated computer system which has created thousand day backlogs is analogous to our basic structures of education that have gone unchanged even though they were invented in a time before computers even existed. Instead of sick or injured soldiers needing medical care and being told to wait, we are telling our newest members of society to get in line, and wait for an education, wait to grow-up, wait to be an adult, wait to be a citizen, wait to be a person, wait until you’re not a child, wait because there’s nothing you can do except go to school, school is your job but you have to wait to make a living until you’re considered alive by our economic structures.

I got into a little rant there but it is fitting to imagine the kind of mentality which is committing these acts in our schools. My point remains the same, the issue with school shootings must be addressed by addressing a SYSTEM that has gone largely UNCHANGED IN CENTURIES. I am not saying that education has not changed; it has ALOT yet the basic structures of how long kids go to school, the basic classroom structure, and the lack of internet utilization for connecting more public education to the home, these kinds of things have not been attended to. We must modernize our schools if we want to modernize the minds of our youth so that they stop shooting each-other. Where there are 150 kids a year that commit a mass-shooting in a school there are 150,000 more that have dreamed about it in that same year and 1,500,000 more who have had nightmares about it.
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A significant portion of American school-children must share at least some of the views

Oh with a population of many tens of millions school age children in any given year what do you consider a significant number??????????????

Next we are at a many decades low in the nation overall murder rate and except for the sad cases of young black male teenagers the homicide rate for children is similarly tiny.

Schools are in fact very safe for children no matter what the 24 hours cable channels might indicate.



From July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2005, preliminary reports show there were 21 homicides at

school. During the previous year, 19 homicides occurred at school, according to preliminary data.

In the most recent school year for which overall homicide data were available (2003 to 2004),

homicides of school age children were about 50 times more likely to occur away from school than

at school.

Serious violent victimization rates were lower at school than away from school for each survey

year from 1992 through 2004. During the same time the violent crime rate at school dropped by

54 percent and thefts at school dropped by 65 percent. The violent crime rate went from 48 vic-
timizations per 1,000 students 12 to 18 years old to 22 per 1,000 students. The theft rate dropped

from 95 per 1,000 students in the same age group to 33 per 1,000.

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I feel sad when I have to quote myself in replying to a racist.

The bottom of my post answered your question: Where there are 150 kids a year that commit a mass-shooting in a school there are 150,000 more that have dreamed about it in that same year and 1,500,000 more who have had nightmares about it.

You are a son of a bitch, I can already tell that, yes I meant your mother was a female dog.

Check out my other thread, I think that this forum is anti-homosexual as it was on that topic and got no replies on this forum. It's only relevant to this thread in as much as a racist just posted. http://able2know.org/topic/246332-1
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LOL is it not a shame when you are trying to sell nonsense and someone dare to go to government data bases and blow you out of the water.

A hundred and fifty mass murderers in the nation schools a year indeed!!!!!!!!

Schools are far safer for children to be in then any other place including their own families homes.



Note the cutting and pasting does not format well however the first col of numbers is the total violence deaths of everyone in a school building a year, the second col of numbers is the total yearly death in schools of school children by homicides, the third col is the total nation wide deaths of children in or out of schools, the four col is the number of suicides at schools and the last col is the total number of children suicides in and out of schools

Table 1.1.

Number of school-associated violent deaths, homicides, and suicides of youth ages 5–18, by location and year: School years 1992–93 to 2009–10

Total student, staff, and nonstudent school-associated violent deaths1 Homicides of youth ages 5–18 Suicides of youth ages 5–18
Homicides school2 Total homicides3 Suicides at school2 Total suicides4

1992–93 57 34 2,719 6 1,680
1993–94 48 29 2,911 7 1,723
1994–95 48 28 2,691 7 1,767
1995–96 53 32 2,548 6 1,725
1996–97 48 28 2,210 1 1,633
1997–98 57 34 2,104 6 1,626
1998–99 47 33 1,791 4 1,597
1999–2000 37 5 14 5 1,566 8 5 1,415
2000–01 34 5 14 5 1,501 6 5 1,493
2001–02 36 5 16 5 1,494 5 5 1,400
2002–03 36 5 18 5 1,538 10 5 1,331
2003–04 45 5 23 5 1,459 5 5 1,285
2004–05 52 5 22 5 1,545 8 5 1,471
2005–06 44 5 21 5 1,687 3 5 1,408
2006–07 63 5 32 5 1,796 9 5 1,296
2007–08 47 5 21 5 1,740 5 5 1,231
2008–09 41 5 17 5 1,579 7 5 1,344
2009–10 33 5 17 5 — 1 5 —
— Not available.
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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 05:32 pm
Precisely what changes are you advocating?

What precisely is it about the current school system that creates mass-murderers?

The idea that schools may be teaching kids to value things that are harmful to society is not particularly controversial, but that kids are murdering each other for want of freedom in school? That's a pretty vague premise.

I generally like longer posts (I should, I write them) because they offer the possibility of expressing concepts in sufficient detail, but this one is long on words and short on specifics.
Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 05:39 pm
a UN peacekeeper has a student , a soldier and a terrorist that he must put in a boat to cross a river. If the terrorist is alone with the student or soldier, one will die. How does the NATO peacekeeper cross the river in the boat that can only hold one of these actors besides himself and deliver all three passengers safely across.
Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 05:41 pm
@Finn dAbuzz,
What precisely is it about the current school system that creates mass-murderers?

Beside the argument is base on a fantasy that mass murderer students are roaming the nation schools in large numbers when the truth is that schools are far safer for children to be at then their own homes.
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Reply Fri 13 Jun, 2014 06:35 am
Please, continue.
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Reply Fri 13 Jun, 2014 06:41 am
150 is closer to the average in the entire world every year. In America in the last year we have had about 25.
Reply Fri 13 Jun, 2014 03:25 pm
150 is closer to the average in the entire world every year. In America in the last year we have had about 25.

First as far as the US is concern 25 is around the average numbers of the homicides in all schools every year not the numbers of mass murderers shooting up schools.

Next so out of 6 billions or so persons in the world not the 300 millions population of the US you are claiming 150 mass killers? Once more it might be the numbers on average of total homicides in schools and a student killing a love rival would be a killer/murderer but hardly a mass murderer.

Next even if true and you have given no links to any numbers that would be very tiny number given the world population.
Reply Fri 13 Jun, 2014 04:27 pm
BillRM wrote:
First as far as the US is concern

Bill, what is it with you and past tenses?
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