Have i gotten friendzoned? Should i forget her?

Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 03:45 pm
So i met this girl online. We have like the greatest chemistry, we talked for hours every night about any topic you can imagine, we had tons of fun every night and we found eachother very interesting. Then we met one saturday night and explored the city. We talked for hours, just like we did online, same kind of fun. But it wasnt really a date because we are both pretty shy and didnt want to make a big deal. Then we continiued chatting online and now more then a month has gone since we started. And one night i told her i think i had feelings for her, but she didnt really say anything back and said that she wants us to remain friends or something like that. And i asked her if she would still talk to me until 5am like we always did even if i was a woman and she said yes.
And since then i kinda ignored her when she texted me, i didnt really know what to say so i acted busy, and she stopped texting me a few days ago.
So the question is - is it all hopeless friendzone and i should forget her?
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Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 04:42 pm
Did you get friendzoned?

Were you ever not in the potential friendzone?


You met someone once and you thought there was going to be more than friendship initially? you haven't even been dating.

Next time (yeah, consider moving on) you meet someone online, try meeting them in person and see if you might consider dating each other IN PERSON - then after dating for a while, figure out if you have feelings for each other.
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Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 04:43 pm
gewgewgeorge wrote:
We have like the greatest chemistry

usually chemistry means a physical reaction when people meet in person

sounds like the in-person thing was nice but no big chemical reaction
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Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2014 06:00 pm
In relation to whether or not you got 'friendzoned' - probably - it's not completely certain.

As for what is defined in a book (the term 'friendzoned') - I wouldn't worry too much about that...if you didn't pick up on it, the guy who termed the phrase appears to have been a manic depressive, with little to no self esteem...deriving his 'self worth' from how many girls he could sleep with (which is ego, rather than self esteem)

Do you not like this girl as a friend?

You never know, she could even have a friend that you end up with.
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Reply Fri 13 Jun, 2014 06:25 am
She doesn't seem to want to move the relationship forward - except on line.

So you choose - Do you want a cyber GF or one in the flesh?

(I don't understand how you can "grow" your relationship by banging on a computer keyboard, but you seem satisfied with that. To each his/her own)
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Reply Thu 19 Jun, 2014 02:58 am
Im not sure if you been placed in the friend zone. It kind of sounds like it at this point. I wouldnt give up yet but in the same token i wouldnt put too much effort in it either. If you are still interested in her contact her and i would try one more time. This way you are not left wondering. It could that she is been stubborn or isnt too sure yet. One thing i have noticed and a future tip. This has been one of my problems for a looong time. Make your intentions known upfront. No im not saying you have to jump down her throat the first few days. However, at some point within the first 2 weeks let her know your intentions. This can save a lot of wasted time. Chasing someone who only wanted to be friends, or chasing someone that didnt know they where been chased in the 1st place.
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