babymom but my ex i feel im deeply inlove with her

Reply Tue 27 May, 2014 07:24 pm
It all started 8 years ago when i met this girl name nichole and mean while i was dating this girl name amanda , and one day me and amanda broke up i welcomed nichole into my life. And about that time were now seeing eachother and stuff and my ex amanda showed up long story short went back and forth ended up with nichole, and one night i was working and i met this girl and she was cool ya know , asked her to go to the movies with me ask her if she had to call her parents. So she said no and then we ended up going to the movies it didnt end until about 2am, and thats when she ask if she could soend the night,i didnt see why not so she did and her parents kicked her out and next day, she showed up at my work with a bag telling me she was kicked out , so i thought hey let her stay couple of nights or w.e thinking her parents would call. But turns out they didnt call her at all and so basicaly i was stucked with her harsh to say but i dont nothing bad by it but its the truth. So me and nichole split she moves ro new orleans and so on then i started talking to her again and i reloze how much i loved and cared and alls i do is want her back and she agrees. But now i have michele who has a baby by me still stuck with me and after being so long i dont know how to break the ice about it because she really dont have nowhere to go. And im not the type where ima just throw her out like trash no its not that i would like for her to get out and be ok though. Because i belive i made the decision i want nichole i love her so much i cant think str8 without talking to her its like my world just keeps spinning until i talk to her and then its like everthing smooths out but i just dont know how to be nice about it i know not nice but i dont wanna be a a good guy like i want michele to move i lovebher as far as my child mother and thats all i see and i tryed and tryed to try to come up with ways to even know how to start saying it butni guess this real emotional inside of me when i see somebody hurt like that i break. I dont knownif its because i care about her feelings and besides that if i break up with her shell leave right away not caring where she goes and thats my main thoughts on all this is i dont want her going to sleep on the streets and why i have this thought is because when we broke up befor she slept outside .. i just dont know ahat to do and its rippin me apart but i know i love nichole and want nichole badly .. and im just lost at a 4 way intersection i know my grammer isnt the best . But if you can kinda get the gisp of my story please feel free to share your thoughts i would really be thankful .. john
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Reply Tue 27 May, 2014 08:02 pm
where is your child?
Reply Wed 28 May, 2014 12:11 pm
With me but thats what making things hard on me im scared of losing him but its not right what im doing to my current gf when i truly love some els
Reply Wed 28 May, 2014 12:33 pm
So let me get this straight. You are living with the mother of your child and yet you claim to be still in love with an ex whom you split up with a while back and who has now reappeared and is willing to come between you and your child's mother because the two of you are in love. And you don't want to just ditch the current girl because she will have no place for her and the child to go (aren't you a nice fellow.)

Other than the obvious RIGHT answer which is for you to forget about this other woman and at least TRY to make a go of things with your child's mother, there is one other thing you can do that would at least show you are taking responsibility for the child and not throw mother and child out.

Why don't you just move out and continue to pay rent for this woman and your child? Then you can at least soothe your mind by believing you did the right thing. They will have a roof over their heads and you will be free of actually having to live with them. After all, any family court is going to make you pay thru the nose to provide for them anyway, so why not get ahead of the game and look like a really good guy.

Of course, you could also choose option three. Maybe the ex would be willing to move in with you and the new woman. Then you won't have to kick anyone out.
Reply Wed 28 May, 2014 01:16 pm
Your right but the ive been trying to get over my ex for about 4 years now and i cant i just cant and my baby mom just kinda welcomed her self like we wentout and she stayed out late got kicked out and she was kind of stuck with me she had nowhere to go i mean i just hate seeing people upset but either way if i continue this then its just gonna hurt both of them and i kno the longer i take the longer shes thinking everthing is ok when its not ok but i jist i dont know i dont have the money to just go get a new place like that and she wont stsy here and that i kno because ofnprevious times
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