my Letter to my bully should i send it

Reply Wed 14 May, 2014 10:45 pm
Well, I hate you. Cameron yes this is to you and i wish you would just die because you basic-cully killed me. The worst thing is that you still do not think you did anything to me. It would be a different story if you actaully apologized to me and admitted what you did. You didn't have to call me all different names it only took one, and then it made me come up with the other ones all bye myself. You first started calling me gay and then broadened your horizons with your “brilliant mind” and went on to calling me a “faggot”. Now you just have the basic just of it. Then you put me in the mental hospital not just you so don't feel to bad,it was other problems but they were all caused by you. One was when you and Jack became the bestest of friends and never left each others sides. Then one day i told him that you bullied me and he said he would ask you and you said once. Then I told jack no it was several times...then Jack didn't believe me because he wouldnʼt ever think his sweet darling baseball douche would ever do that. Then you told him to not hang out with me anymore and then he didnʼt and that hurt me because I have helped him ever since I could remember with his fricken dad. I then felt betrayed from Jack and this made me hate you more. Jack then realized one night when we were all at the basketball game that humiliated me. So that day i came home and told my mom that you put Phabian up to rubbing my leg and then you rolling on the floor laughing at it. I told her not ot tell your mom anything but yet she did and then your mom told you and you threatened to punch me in the face and beat me up. This caused me to have a panic attack and cry in front of everyone uncontrollably. Then i ran down the bleachers and grabbed Michaela and took her outside, telling her what you did, because she knew the rest of the story. She then ran to go get Mrs. Cunningham which was at the game and then she came outside and i told her what you did and then she went to tell Mr. Muse. Mr. Muse was mad and then i went home and jack came with me. While we were walking to the car, Jack got a text message saying to “**** his whole family” and that yawl were no longer friend because of your stupid cousin. Then you apologized after you threatened to kill me and jack because I ruined your whole “baseball career” by possibly getting you expelled and sent to Marchand. So the next day, you were called into the office and they said that you confessed to everything, so you could save yourself and they would see your punishment. Weeks after they gave you a punishment that I canʼt know about but you shouldʼve been expelled because that would have been your last suspension then Marchand. Well nothing happened and you are still at school being the king douche like always and slowly getting my cousin to become best friends with you again and turning him into you. Well this is just telling you how i feel.
Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 03:00 am
There seems to be a LOT of drama here.

Stay away from toxic people.

Stop seeking attention from cruel people.

Don't make yourself out to be a victim.
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Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 03:32 am
I agree, don't bother people who keeps you down. Don't mind them.
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Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 07:07 am
Don't send this; it will only provide more ammunition for your bullies.

As I asked in your other topic, what does your treatment team say? You should have one - people aren't released from mental hospitals these days (at least not in Western countries) without one.

Ask them. This is their job, and they know you and your situation far, far better than we ever will. They are skilled and they can help you, but if you keep going to random Internet message boards, hoping for some compassion, you might find that, but you'll rarely find enough skill and experience to properly help you.
Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 08:23 am
Yes, I only got as far as the end of the first line before thinking "all this is going to do is make the bully laugh and use this long winded diatribe against him.

I'm going to go back now and try to read the rest of it.

To the OP, I know having someone bully you is horrible, but this isn't the way to get him to stop.

EDIT: Your last sentence , "well, this is just telling you how I feel"

He doesn't care how you feel. Unless of course if you express you feel that he's gotten to you (which you have), and that's exactly what he wanted.

Actually, what you might want to do is print out this letter, put it in an envelope with his name on it, no address, and drop it in a mailbox (make sure you put a stamp on it)
Then, if the powers that be deem it right that the bully get this letter, somehow the letter will find itself in his hands.
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Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 12:59 pm
These folks have all been spot on. Thumbs up to all
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Reply Thu 15 May, 2014 08:35 pm
Thanks to everyone I will take all yawls advice to heart and get it though my head that I don't need to worry anymore because its the past so it doesn't matter but setbacks will come and I just need to trust that my friends and family will help
Reply Wed 29 Oct, 2014 06:11 pm
honestly, i know how you feel, being a victim of bullying as well. I plan on majoring in bullying in college, so i am trying my hardest to prepare myself with the type of things i hope to be studying. You shouldn't give the bully this letter. it will on egg him on further. This is what the bully wants you to do. That way, they can bully you about the letter afterwards.
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