Ex boyfriend getting mad for no reason

Reply Thu 8 May, 2014 03:25 pm
So my ex and I broke up about 7 months ago, we were together for two years but he broke up and left me because he didn't want a serious relationship and he said we were two different. We had a good relationship and didn't have any major arguements, but his sister and friends got to his head telling him that he deserved better and such. He left me in emotional pain, since he would always blame me and never saw his mistakes when we had arguements. I have been doing good and focused mainly on me during this time, we both have mutual friends. One time he got mad at his friends for hanging out with my sister and I because we went to eat pizza. He then apologized to them. But this is not the first time it happens, last week my friends and I went skydiving for my bday one of them was his mutual friend as well and he tattoos so at the moment he was doing a tattoo for him which i later found out. HIm and I wanted to skydive but since he broke up with me I decided to go with friends. He got mad at his friend for going skydiving with me and told him not to finish up his tattoo anymore. I don't know whats his problem I never did anything bad to him, hes the one who left me. he also recently made a facebook and blocked me. Our mutual friend says he does not understand why he gets mad at what I do when hes already dating a girl. I'm confused, I loved him but I don't know the person he turned into. What do uguys think?
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Reply Thu 8 May, 2014 03:40 pm
I think he's your ex for a reason. And that means hanging out is just not going to happen.

It also means that he's being ridiculous when he gets angry at you for having a life without him. That's what being broken up means. It means that there is no more relationship, and he can no longer try to call the shots in your life.

Bottom line, his anger issues and his acting childishly are none of your concern. Do what you like. I am not suggesting actively hurting him, but his emotional outbursts are not your responsibility.

Live your life and hold your head high. Far as I can tell, you've done nothing wrong here and he is acting out with no reason or foundation whatsoever.
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Reply Thu 8 May, 2014 03:55 pm
You say you don't know the person he's turned into, but you do. He's just the same person he always was, but now he doesn't bother to hide it from you.

Listen to Jes. He's not part of your life, and shouldn't be.
Reply Thu 8 May, 2014 04:08 pm
yeah uguys are right, but see when he was with me he was never the jealous type, he was always nice to me except when we had arguements he would always say I acted like the victim. I want him to do good in life because although were not together I still care for him but it bothers me how hes pushing away his friends for thinking nonsense.
Reply Sat 10 May, 2014 03:55 pm

He doesn't want any of his friends, to touch you. He doesn't want to one day be told that one of his friends slept with you. This isn't about you in my opinion, this is about him and from the sounds of it, it's always been about him. He wasn't after anything too serious to start with but now that he's no longer with you, no one else he knows is allowed to be either.

A bit selfish don't you think? Don't you think that you should let him know through any source to butt out, it's your life now and you can live it how you want surrounding yourself with who ever you want.

He wasn't jealous when he was with you as he had you where he wanted you. He's not jealous now, it's about his honour.
Reply Mon 12 May, 2014 10:04 pm
Your very right on that hes always been selfish. He always told me I played the victim when we had an arguement, yet he does not see a reflection of his own self. He wants people to take his side or feel more important than others, he's seeking attention. I'm glad I'm seeing that side of him, it makes me realize what kind of person he is. Like my friend said If a person really loved you they wouldn't let you go, and if they did they would try to win you back and fight for your love which he will never do, time is the best remedy. But since he was my first serious relationship it's hard, I'm focusing on me right now, my friends tell me to date but I don't want to use people as rebounds, I want to be happy with myself both mentally and physically and have fun with my life.
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