How can I cut without anyone knowing?

Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2014 09:13 pm
I don't want any of the you shouldn't cut crap. I really won't read it. My mom found the ones on my wrist, and I usually cut at night. I think my family's becoming suspicious though. Please help.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sat 26 Apr, 2014 09:33 pm
I went through this with my oldest daughter. I went and read everything I could about it and went to cutter's websites. I realized that there is a legitimate community, an cutting is legitimate expression. We did set up ground rules: she was to be responsible and not expose her sister or me to her blood.

My thoughts about you are these. It might be your expression is for your parents to hear. And if that's so, its time to for you all to talk. If your desire is to keep your cutting secret well, I think you'd know how to do that.
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Reply Sun 27 Apr, 2014 02:13 am
If you're older than 18 get a job and get a place of your own. When I was eighteen I had obtained a job and place of my own.

If you're of age don't worry about what anyone says about it. Or thinks about it. I'm over eighteen in my twenties. One morning here recently say about a year ago was extremely pissed because of the nonsense bs going nonstop in my head sliced my arm up pretty good and shared because I was that psychotic at the time. Had let my anger dominate my mind. Don't worry about it.
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Reply Sun 27 Apr, 2014 02:15 am
So you want people to give you advice on how to make self- mutilation less noticeable? I certainly hope people here do not indulge you. You need help.
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Reply Sun 27 Apr, 2014 02:19 am
You can't. Your family are already suspicious. I've know a few people who have done this, fortunately after a couple of years and a better life structure they stopped it and now think back and think how stupid they were.

You sound like a rebel "I really won't read it" but I now you just read the above, they are going to take you to get help, mark my words if they care about you and I truly hope that they do... Life's not that bad trust me.
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Reply Sun 27 Apr, 2014 02:20 am
At the same time I would like to add:

Very good possibility you're depressed to some extreme. I'll share what has started helping me recently.


But good possibility you're not as intense as I nor have suffered for as long as I. So you may need to research more simple cures for yourself.
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Crazy Cutter
Reply Tue 28 Feb, 2017 08:05 pm
Put foundation over them or cut you fingers and but bandaids on them
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Reply Tue 20 Nov, 2018 08:45 pm
I got caught by my friends when I was cutting on my wrists and it took them longer to find out when I cut myself on my legs, the only reason they did was because of PE and having to change. I would suggest cutting on your hips where underwear and/or shorts would hide them and/or on your inner thighs. If you decide to do it on your inner thighs, do it very lightly, unless you want a lot of pain, a lot of blood, and a high risk of hurting yourself too much. Please try to seek a little bit of help, you don't have to stop, but maybe don't cut very deep as a start. Lot's of love, some stranger on the internet.
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