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You say that like 'reason' means more than emotions.

When it comes to most things in life, but especially human interaction, reason is generally just the 'logic' we attach to our emotions.

That's a simplistic view, but most especially valid when things don't seem logical - then start with this view ie. identify the emotion first, then search for the 'logic' attached to it.

P.S. if you fail to accept the emotions...which means the logic you come up with must match the emotions...then the logic won't make any sense - it's about context.
Reply Sat 10 May, 2014 07:17 pm
Thats true, what do you think my odds winning her back??
Reply Sat 10 May, 2014 07:27 pm
Sorry. Some editing going on while you posted.

For most people, the odds of you winning a woman back are directly proportional to :

Her side:
- The depths of her good feelings & memories of you
- Any emotional issues she might have (here I'm talking a anti-growth trait that many people possess. Eg. for women, Daddy issues)

Your side:
Positive: Humour, sureness of self, energy, drive, number of friends, ability to have a good time, passion etc

Negative: neediness (this is a big one that many men fall for), poor grooming, and the anything the opposite of the above positives.

They are only generics. Every person then has their own likes and dislikes. And most value one or two traits much more than the rest.
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