Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2014 04:54 am
You are a scummy spam bot, and you're inept. Your English sucks. Go back to China and tell 'em to get a native English speaker to write the scripts.
Reply Thu 10 Apr, 2014 09:30 am
Setanta has always had a major problem expressing himself clearly.
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Reply Sat 7 Jun, 2014 06:35 pm
I took everyone's advice to heart and went shopping at our new neighborhood store. I must admit, it's very nice and has very nice food for sale.

They gave us free milk.

Mo and I wandered in on the "sell by" date for their milk so they were giving it away if you would pay the $1.00 deposit on the milk bottle. Now Mo is addicted to their ultra-super fresh milk. It's $8.00 per half gallon! They've created a monster! A fresh milk monster. It isn't free every day and I'll be bankrupt soon so I'm posting this while I can still afford an internet connection.

Mr. B is addicted to their peaches. (The electricity will be the next to go.)


The next day I was at the dog park and my dog park acquaintance says "I was having lunch at ____ and I saw you going into the market...."

We discussed my initial hesitation and the feedback I had received about it (from you nice people) and other dog parkers joined in for what turned out to be a very interesting conversation. Everyone is wanting to shop local and support such a business but a lot of people had the same ethical quandary that I found myself in. I wonder if they'll go in now that I've broken the ethical ice.

Another anyway....

Their butter is just okay (see the butter thread) in the way that I'm finding even expensive fancy butter okay these days. I had such high hopes.
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Reply Sat 7 Jun, 2014 06:41 pm
Adds, well, and my actions.

In many ways, my grocery store is my community.

My own view is admiration at how much you all can get around, how much you can command by all your access. I could get city help if I sign up seven days in advance. Not eight, and not six, seven, at 8 am, but not past 8Surprised5.

I'm an old snot myself, so I get it, but shopping ethics? This is a big question, re how people deal.

While I still go to my grocery store, the manager listens, we talk. I don't expect him to make decisions re me (I'm was a foodie before that was a word) and interested in local stuff, trying to get him to not stop all the varied chiles..
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Reply Thu 6 Nov, 2014 03:29 am
Ethical shopping really matters it is because how you shop is a powerful way that you can tell both small and big businesses what you think is right and what you are willing to buy. Through ethical shopping, you can stand up for people and workers who cannot stand up for themselves.
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