The lies of USA conservatives

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I've started this thread solely because of the prolific lying that goes on among conservative and "liberal" Americans regarding the criminal activities of USA administrations.

OCTOBER 10, 2002

Helping Iraq Kill with Chemical Weapons: The Relevance of Yesterday's US Hypocrisy Today
Iraq and Chemical Weapons, the US Connection


You may feel disgusted by the hypocrisy of US plans to make war on Iraq and sickened at the inevitable slaughter of thousands of people. But if you could only vaguely recall the details of how deep the hypocrisy goes, then read on.

The US not only helped arm Iraq with military equipment right up to the time of the Kuwait invasion in 1989, as did Germany, Britain, France, Russia and others, but also sold and helped Iraq to integrate chemical weapons into their US-provided battle plans while fighting Iran between 1985-1988.

According to a New York Times article in August, 2002, Col. Walter P. Lang, a senior defense intelligence officer at the time, explained that D.I.A. and C.I.A. officials “were desperate to make sure that Iraq did not lose” to Iran. “The use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis was not a matter of deep strategic concern,” he said. One veteran said, that the Pentagon “wasn’t so horrified by Iraq’s use of gas.” “It was just another way of killing people _ whether with a bullet or phosgene, it didn’t make any difference.”

Now consider just how deceptive the recent comments from the White House are. In late September spokesman Ari Fleischer said that British Prime Minister Blair’s dossier of evidence is “frightening in terms of Iraq’s intentions and abilities to acquire weapons.” A few days later, while making his case against Saddam, President Bush said “He’s used poison gas on his own people.” Bush deceives because he hides the fact that US officials, including his father, had no qualms about helping Saddam gas Iranians. What is truly frightening are the US policies toward Iraq, the cover ups of those policies, and the US officials who personally profit in the millions of dollars from those policies. To whatever degree Saddam is a tyrant, he would not be that without the US government.

The question is not whether Saddam is willing to use chemical or other weapons of mass destruction again. The question is whether the US is currently selling and helping countries use weapons of mass destruction.

Details about Iraq killing Iranians with US-supplied chemical and biological weapons significantly deepens our understanding of the current hypocrisy. It began with “Iraq-gate” — when US policy makers, financiers, arms-suppliers and makers, made massive profits from sales to Iraq of myriad chemical, biological, conventional weapons, and the equipment to make nuclear weapons. Reporter Russ Baker noted, for example, that, “on July 3, 1991, the Financial Times reported that a Florida company run by an Iraqi national had produced cyanide — some of which went to Iraq for use in chemical weapons — and had shipped it via a CIA contractor.” This was just the tip of a mountain of scandals.

A major break in uncovering Iraqgate began with a riveting 1990 Nightline episode which revealed that top officials of the Reagan administration, the State Department, the Pentagon, C.I.A., and D.I.A., collectively engaged in a massive cover up of the USS Vincennes’ whereabouts and actions when it shot down an Iranian airliner in 1987 killing over 200 civilians. The “massive cover up” Koppel explained, was designed to hide the US secret war against Iran, in which, among other actions, US Special Operations troops and Navy SEALS sunk half of Iran’s navy while giving battle plans and logistical information to Iraqi ground forces in a coordinated offensive.

In continuing the probe, as Koppel explained in June, 1990, “It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush [Sr.], operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam’s Iraq into the aggressive power that the United States ultimately had to destroy.”

A PBS Frontline episode, “The Arming of Iraq” (1990) detailed much of the conventional and so-called “dual-use” weapons sold to Iraq. The public learned from other sources that at least since mid-1980s the US was selling chemical and biological material for weapons to Iraq and orchestrating private sales. These sales began soon after current Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad in 1985 and met with Saddam Hussein as a private businessman on behalf of the Reagan administration. In the last major battle of the Iran-Iraq war, some 65,000 Iranians were killed, many by gas.

Investigators turned up new scandals, including the involvement of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), the giant Italian bank, and many of the very same circles of arms suppliers, covert operators, and policy makers in and out of the US government and active in those roles for years. The National Security Council, CIA and other US agencies tacitly approved about $4 billion in unreported loans to Iraq through the giant Italian bank’s Atlanta branch. Iraq, with the blessing and official approval of the US government, purchased computer controlled machine tools, computers, scientific instruments, special alloy steel and aluminum, chemicals, and other industrial goods for Iraq’s missile, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.

However, the early reports on BNL’s activities and the startling revelations that the US government astonishingly knew that BNL was financing billions of dollars of purchases illegally, were rather comical in view of later revelations regarding who was involved. US government officials didn’t just know and approve, but some were employees at BNL directly or indirectly. It was Representative Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas) who relentlessly brought key information into the Congressional Record (despite stern warnings by the State Department to stop his personal investigation for the sake of “national security”).

Gonzalas revealed, for example, that Brent Scowcroft served as Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates until being appointed as National Security Advisor to President Bush in January 1989. As Gonzalez reported, “Until October 4,1990, Mr. Scowcroft owned stock in approximately 40 U.S. corporations, many of which were doing busies in Iraq.” Scowcroft’s stock included that in Halliburton Oil, also doing business in Iraq at the time, which had also been run by current Vice President Dick Cheney for a time. Recall that this year President George Bush Sr. faced suspicion of insider trading in relation to selling his stock in Halliburton. The companies that Scowcroft owned stock in, according to Gonzalez, “received more than one out of every eight U.S. export licenses for exports to Iraq. Several of the companies were also clients of Kissinger Associates while Mr. Scowcroft was Vice Chairman of that firm.” Thus, Kissinger Associates helped US companies obtain US export licenses with BNL-finance so Iraq could purchase US weapons and materials for its weapons programs.

Many US business-men and officials made handsome profits. This included Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, who was an employee of BNL while BNL was simultaneously a paying client of Kissinger Associates. Gonzalez reported that Mr. Alan Stoga, a Kissinger Associates executive, met in June 1989 Mr. Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. “Many Kissinger Associates clients received US export licenses for exports to Iraq. Several were also the beneficiaries of BNL loans to Iraq,” said Mr. Gonzalez. Kissinger admitted that “it is possible that somebody may have advised a client on how to get a license.”

Perhaps the most bizarre revelations about the involvement of former US officials concerned a Washington-based enterprise called “Global Research” which played a middleman role in selling uniforms to Iraq. It was run by, none other than Spiro Agnew (Nixon’s former VP who resigned to avoid bribery and tax evasion charges), John Mitchell (Nixon’s chief of staff and Watergate organizer), and Richard Nixon himself. In the mid-1980s, more than a decade after Watergate, Nixon wrote a cozy letter to former dictator and friend Nicolae Ceausescu to close the deal. Global Research, incidentally, swindled the Iraqis, who thought they were getting US-made uniforms for desert conditions. Instead they received, and discarded, the winter uniforms from Romania.

By late 1992, the sales of chemical and biological weapons were revealed. Congressional Records of Senator Riegle’s investigation of the Gulf War Syndrome show that that the US government approved sales of large varieties of chemical and biological materials to Iraq. These included anthrax, components of mustard gas, botulinum toxins (which causes paralysis of the muscles involving swallowing and is often fatal), histoplasma capsulatum (which may cause pneumonia, enlargement of the liver and spleen, anemia, acute inflammatory skin disease marked by tender red nodules), and a host of other nasty chemicals materials.

To top it all off, there is the question as to whether Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait was a set up. Evidence indicates that the US knew of Iraq’s plans — after all, the military and intelligence agencies of the two countries were working very closely. Newspaper reports about the infamous meeting between then-Ambassador Glaspie and Iraq officials, and a special ABC report in the series “A Line in the Sand,” indicated that, although the US officials told Iraq that it disapproved, they indicated that the US would not interfere.

Bear in mind the attitude of the US policy makers not only regarding Iraq’s use of gas against Iranians, but in general. Richard Armatige, then Asst. Sec. of Defense for International Security Affairs and now Deputy Secretary of State, said with a hint of pride in his voice that the US “was playing one wolf off another wolf” in pursuing our so-called national interest. This kind of cool machismo resembled the pride that Oliver North verbalized with a grin during the Iran-Contra hearings as “a right idea” with regard to using the Ayatollah’s money to fund the Contras. The setting up of Iraq thus would be very consistent with the goals and the character of US foreign policy in the Middle East: to control the region’s states either for US oil companies or as bargaining chips in deals with other strong countries, and to profit by selling massive quantities of weapons to states that will war with or deter those states that oppose US “interests.”

The problem that Armatige refers to was the fact that by 1990, the US and allied arming of Iraq had given Iraq a decisive military edge over Iran, which upset the regional “balance.” The thinking among the US hawks was Iraq’s military needed to somehow be returned to its 1980 level. An invasion of Kuwait would enable the US to do that.

But initially many arms suppliers opposed the war on Iraq because they had been making huge profits from arms sales to Saddam’s regime during the 1980s. Indeed, one US official interviewed expressed his disappointment with Iraq’s invasion and the subsequent Gulf War because the relationship with Iraq could have continued to be “very profit…uh mutually profitable.”



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Oralloy is one of those conservative posters who regularly and repeatedly lies, even after his lies have been exposed. Here is another such exposure.

Re: bobsal u1553115 (Post 5625405)
bobsal u1553115 wrote: We also gave them the gas Saddam was using on Iraqi Kurds

Oralboy lies: Nonsense. Saddam brewed his own gas, from precursors sold to him by European states.

Nothing to do with any American conservatives.

Now, for the truth, which Bobsal has already explained.


O’Donnell: Reagan let Saddam buy– and use–chemical weapons
09/05/13 11:50 PM—UPDATED 11/07/13 09:09 PM

Though Ronald Reagan is often touted as a conservative hero, many Republicans have a selective memory about his actual record. Reaganites who object to tax increases of any kind, for example, seem to forget that the man himself actually raised taxes 11 times while in office.

The latest politician to misremember Reagan’s record is Rep. Illeana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, who invoked the former president Thursday on Fox News concerning the Syria debate.

“We have said as a responsible nation that the use of chemical weapons is prohibited,” Ros-Lehtinen said. ”It is against the norms of international standards and to let something like this go unanswered, I think will weaken our resolve. I know that President Reagan would have never let this happen.”

Except that Ronald Reagan let exactly that happen, repeatedly, when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons in the 1980s. But there’s more.

“Ronald Reagan didn’t just look the other way when Saddam used chemical weapons–he sold the stuff to Saddam,” said MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell in his Rewrite segment on Thursday. “The President of the United States was Saddam Hussein’s drug dealer.”

O’Donnell cited a 2002 Washington Post article by Michael Dodd that found “the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush authorized the sale to Iraq of numerous items that had both military and civilian applications, including poisonous chemicals and deadly biological viruses, such as anthrax and bubonic plague.”

As is widely reported, Hussein used these chemical weapons against Iranians in the Iran-Iraq war.

After the 1991 Gulf War, U.N. inspectors “compiled long lists of chemicals, missile components, and computers from American suppliers, including such household names as Union Carbide and Honeywell, which were being used for military purposes” in Iraq.

So it’s hard to understand where Rep. Ros-Lehtinen is coming from when she said, “We have to think like President Reagan would do and he would say chemical use is unacceptable.”

“That is what the mythical Ronald Reagan would say,” rebuked O’Donnell. “But the real Ronald Reagan said nothing when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons, chemical weapons that the real Ronald Reagan actually helped him obtain.”
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 11:05 am
Yet another example of the lies that come from cons/repuglicans.

CIA lied to justify torture programme', US Senate report to claim

US Senate committee will vote on Thursday to declassify 400-page summary of damning review exposing failings and exaggerations in the CIA's post-September 11 torture and rendition programme

The CIA lied and exaggerated about its secret kidnap and interrogation programme in the years after September 11, misleading the public and the government about the effectiveness of torture, a comprehensive new report by the US Senate is expected to claim.

The 6,300-page report is likely to shatter claims by George W. Bush administration officials, including the former US vice-president Dick Cheney, that so-called “enhanced interrogation” was an essential tool in the war on terror and the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

The report by the US Senate intelligence committee is based on a close reading of more than six million classified documents and includes case studies on virtually every single prisoner held in CIA “black sites” since 2001.

Its damning conclusions were approved by the 15-member committee in December 2012 but have since been bitterly contested by the CIA. However a vote is now expected on Thursday to declassify a 400-page executive summary that could be published as early as this summer.

Officials with first-hand knowledge of the report said that creating detailed chronologies of individual cases had revealed the extent to which the CIA had exaggerated both the value of information allegedly extracted by torture, and the importance of detainees themselves.

Among key examples was that of Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi-born Palestinian who was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 and water-boarded 83 times by the CIA after disappearing into black jails, before re-emerging at Guantanamo Bay in 2006.

An official who has reviewed the report told The Washington Post that the CIA had wrongly claimed that information obtained from Zubaydah during a regular FBI interrogation in a Pakistani hospital had been obtained as a result of “enhanced interrogation”.

“The CIA conflated what was gotten when, which led them to misrepresent the effectiveness of the programme,” the official said, adding that the committee had uncovered persistent mis-statements of this kind by senior CIA officials.

The value of CIA detainees was also exaggerated, the officials added, citing Zubaydah as an example of a detainee initially described as a top Al Qa’eda operative but later admitted to be a low-level facilitator.

The CIA is also accused of over-selling the role of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, another so-called “high-value” detainee who is accused in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen and is currently being tried at a military crimes tribunal trial at Guantanamo Bay.

The report is also expected to provide graphic detail of CIA interrogations to support the committee’s broad conclusion that Bush administration’s use of torture after September 11 2001 was a disastrous misjudgment.

“The creation of long-term, clandestine 'black sites’ and the use of so-called 'enhanced-interrogation techniques’ were terrible mistakes,” Dianne Feinstein, the committee’s Democrat chair, said in a December 2012 statement announcing the approval of the still-secret report.

The publication has been long-awaited by civil rights groups, lawyers and experts who contend that the US public has never been fully acquainted with the facts of CIA torture. A December 2012 YouGov survey found that 47 per cent of Americans still believed torture was “always or sometimes justified”.

“This Senate report is incredibly important. It is the first authoritative, factual account of what really happened,” Alberto Mora, the former top lawyer for the US Navy who argued against the Bush administration’s legal re-definition of torture, said in an interview with The Telegraph.

“It will put an end to the abominable euphemism 'enhanced interrogations’ and it will help to end the myth which has been absorbed by the American public and propagated by Dick Cheney and others that torture was legal, effective and necessary. It wasn’t.”

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 02:45 pm
But if they really, really, really, really, really believe it, isn't it almost as good as truth? Sort of like a truth Lite©. "All the taste and less of the truth!"
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 06:24 pm
Layla tells it like it is.


September 2, 2010

Vomiting Perfidy.

Since yesterday I have been vomiting my insides out...

My first bout of vomit came after I read a transcript of your President's speech, his speech to the "nation". Because you consider yourselves a nation ?!

It started off with an uneasiness felt in the pit of my stomach, then quickly transformed itself into a queasiness, then into a foul nausea, only to erupt like a dammed out volcano into violent throes of pure vomit...

I have over the past 20 years or so, developed a high intolerance to perfidy and you throughout your history have excelled in perfecting what I am most allergic to...

You literally make me sick.

Change - you clamored like a herd of sheep, while munching, ruminating like cattle every word that is fed to you...Black and White, even those retards who call themselves American Arabs and Muslims rejoiced at Uncle Tom's arrival to the White House.

Oh the "principled", "moralistic" prudish puritanical perverts called Americans, always showing up late for change...always jumping on the bandwagon, when the train has already passed...

The peace loving war mongers of the new world order is what you are. Fake and ignorant to the bone.

So you pride yourselves on being "a good people", a "compassionate" "sharing caring hugging" people -- nothing but Perfidy.

For 20 years, I witnessed my country, the land of my father, my mother, my ancestors, disintegrate before my very eyes...20 ******* years. 20 ******* years.

Twenty years of people -- first withering, wilting away, like flowers never allowed to see the light, never allowed to turn their faces to the sun, then from fading into shadows, faltering into a colorless background...bombed, massacred, slaughtered into a nothingness...the same nothingness that inhabits you daily...the same nothingness that makes you rush to your shrink, the same nothingness that you feed with your junk, the same nothingness that you fill with your consumer products...the same nothingness of your void, of the pit, the deep pit that you all live in, and I throw up some more, from the pits of my belly....

So you "sacrificed" for us, so you liberated us from "tyranny", so you "lived up to your responsibilities" --- like you did in Falluja, Haditha, Mahmoudiya, Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Ramadi...¨"kill the motherfuckers" you shouted...and your wives masturbated to your love letters, or shed a few tears while waving that infamous flag...the flag of a degenerate, decaying country that has offered nothing but murder, carnage and mayhem...

You liberated us from "dictatorship" with 5 times the size of a Hiroshima and a Nagasaki...you liberated us until there was no space left in our morgues, and 7 and half years later, we still search for the dead...you liberated us until our streets turned into pools of blood, and mosques became torture dungeons where those hajjis were having their eyes plucked out and their flesh drilled, you liberated us so we can be abducted, raped and murdered for a 1000$ or for wearing lipstick...you liberated us so our bodies can float on the Tigris and Euphrates, mutilated unrecognizable...you liberated us alright...stuffing us in prisons cells, covering us with your piss and excrements, or handing us to your mercenaries and your pimps and whores in turbans, while you fucked the prostitutes specially brought to you in your Green Fortress... and while the rest of us lived in walled ghettos that you constructed for us...

You liberated us alright...and you lived up to your principles, your ideals and your responsibilities...

But I do grant you one thing, you computerized, digitalized death for us...you see, thanks to you our morgue is now equipped with the latest technology, so 7 years down the line, we can finally go and find the corpse of a loved one, maybe. We even got numbers, serial numbers, you are serial killers and we get serial numbers...

We carry numbers wherever we go, number on our passports, on our ID cards, on our prison bracelets, and even on our dead bodies...the numbers follow us to the cemeteries, we got plenty of them today...all this reconstruction money, we built cemeteries with...well not quite, you stole the money...billions of dollars, so we turned gardens and parks into graveyards...our children play there, amidst the wailing of mothers in perpetual grief...

You are indeed a brave people...a noble, brave people. See, all what you've done for us! Your generosity will be recorded in history annals...and you will be used as a historical example, a model of a country and a people of great integrity -- just like the New Iraq model.

Those of us who could not handle this overflowing compassion from you (as your stinking alternative press likes us to believe - Americans are compassionate people), flew away...escaped the milk of human kindness, carrying a few documents and memories, wounds and scars stacked in suitcases...with no destination...

A permanent exile has become our abode...a new geographical location not found on any map...carrying our selves like some overburdening, heavy bundle, struggling to make ends meet, struggling to survive, struggling not to become insane, struggling not be engulfed by that nothingness of yours...

Scratching humanity with our nails...trying to find it, digging with our bare hands, sometimes wishing that we were buried there, alongside our loved ones...sometimes wishing we were never born, sometimes crying in our solitude, sometimes screaming in our nightmares, sometimes numbing ourselves so we can match your nothingness...

Most of the time, confused, lost and bewildered...still unable to grasp what has befallen us, in the name of Freedom...other times engrossed with story after story of endless suffering and misery inflicted by you...with stories of relatives and friends lost in dungeons of Democracy, with stories of monsters being born in the land of Freedom, with stories of disease and illnesses nesting into our DNA and becoming part of our make up, of our being...infiltrating the very essence of us, of our soil, our air, our water...

Story after story...image after image -- wheelchairs, amputations, limbs lost, eyes lost, fingers lost, a child dying, a woman raped and killed, a man tortured to death...story after story of -- poverty, disease, need, neglect, abandonment...story after story of an eternal fatigue that has settled upon us like a blanket...

I watch in my head, in my imagination, in my memory, the river Tigris flowing on a summer eve right at sunset...when the air is cooler (and when there was electricity and drinking water), I watch the river flow, calmly, silently, peacefully...nothing obstructs it, it just flows and I close my eyes and imagine myself flowing with it, in it...to an unknown destination...only in these moments do I find real tranquility...during those seconds, when I am transported there, by that river where everything grew and took shape...from the dawn of Time...

I go back in time thousands of years, when you were non existent, when you had no name, no shape and no color...and I find myself...I find myself and I find Iraq.

This is the only consolation I can give to myself - that even in the buckets of vomit wrought out from my guts, I can still find Her and me.

But you can't.

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Reply Sat 5 Apr, 2014 08:41 am
See also,

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Reply Sat 5 Apr, 2014 08:21 pm


CIA 'illegally searched Senate computers' in power struggle over torture report

By Raf Sanchez, Washington4:23PM GMT 11 Mar 2014
Dianne Feinstein, chair of powerful Senate intelligence committee, accuses spies of trying to 'intimidate' Congress

The CIA illegally searched Senate computers as part of a shadowy campaign to conceal details of its "un-American, brutal" torture programme, a senior senator claimed today.

Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate's intelligence committee, made the accusations in a dramatic speech that shed light on the behind-the-scenes power struggle between the US Congress and America's lead spy agency

CIA 'black jail' interrogations were torture, European court rules
Barack Obama releases torture memos: details of techniques used by CIA
CIA got producers to 'fix' Zero Dark Thirty, classified memo shows
Mrs Feinstein said she had "grave concerns" that CIA agents had violated the US constitution and were trying to "intimidate" the Senate committee meant to ensure their operations remained within the law.

Demanding an apology from the CIA's director, Mrs Feinstein warned that this was "a defining moment" for the relationship between the democratically-elected Congress and the US's intelligence agencies.


The CIA denied hacking into the Senate's computers or that it was trying to thwart the investigation into the torture programme, saying that "nothing could be further from the truth".

The confrontation stems from Mrs Feinstein's effort to compile a comprehensive and public account of the CIA torture programme carried out at Guantanamo Bay and "black site" prisons around the world in wake of the September 11 attacks.

The programme - which included simulated drowning and the sub-contracting out of torture to foreign spy agencies - was ordered by the Bush administration but halted when President Barack Obama took office in 2009.

Although the CIA has fought to keep details of the programme secret, it agreed to hand over 6.2 million documents to the staff of the Senate intelligence committee and create a secure network for the documents to be searched.

Mrs Feinstein said that among those files was an "especially significant" internal CIA review document on the torture programme.

The review, which was never intended to be seen outside the CIA, contradicted claims that the agency was making in official submissions to the Senate.

"That’s what makes [it] so significant and important to protect," Mrs Feinstein said.

The CIA claims it never handed over the internal review and that Senate investigators must have obtained it by illicit means. In an effort to figure out where it had come from they broke into the Senate's secure network and began deleting files, Mrs Feinstein claimed.

"The CIA did not ask the committee or its staff if the committee had access to the Internal Review, or how we obtained it," Mrs Feinsten said. "Instead, the CIA just went and searched the committee’s computers."

In an extraordinary step, the CIA even approached the Department of Justice and accused the Senate staff of breaking the law.

"There is no legitimate reason to allege to the Justice Department that Senate staff may have committed a crime," Mrs Feinstein said, calling the move "a potential effort to intimidate this staff - and I am not taking it lightly."

John Brennan, the director of the CIA, denied the allegations today saying: "Nothing could be further from the truth. We wouldn't do that."

He added that "appropriate authorities" would investigate whether the law had been broken by either the CIA or staff on the Senate intelligence committee.

The California senator's accusations are given added weight by the fact that she has been "a defender" of US intelligence agencies in the wake of Edward Snowden's disclosures of mass surveillance by the NSA, said Stephen Rickard, executive director of the Open Society Policy Centre.

Mrs Feinstein said she came to the Senate floor to make the allegations "reluctantly" and only after exhausting private channels for resolving the conflict.

Mrs Feinstein is now pushing to declassify portions of her committee's 6,200 report into the CIA torture programme. The White House supports declassification but it must first pass a vote of the Senate's 15-member intelligence committee.

"If the Senate can declassify this report, we will be able to ensure that an un-American, brutal program of detention and interrogation will never again be considered or permitted," she said.

Mr Obama ended the programme in 2009 but also ruled out prosecuting CIA agents or senior officials involved. No American has ever faced criminal charges over the programme.

"The American people and the world need to have confidence that someone is truly conducting independent oversight of the intelligence community," said Mr Rickard.

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 6 Apr, 2014 09:07 am
Bush crew’s deplorable return: How their reemergence sends a deadly message
Enough with puff pieces about painting, and platforms for their self-defense. It only damns us to repeat the past


It’s been more than five years since Dick Cheney left the White House and nearly eight years since Donald Rumsfeld was booted from the Pentagon. With the obvious exception of George W. Bush himself, no two men were more responsible for the United States’ disastrous and criminal invasion of Iraq, as well as its embrace of a counter-terrorism model built on the twin barbarities of indefinite detention and systematic torture. In the years that have passed since their departure from public office, both men have released best-selling memoirs, made countless media appearances and no doubt added substantially to their already considerable wealth.

In fact, to get a real sense of just how little these men have had to pay for their sins, consider three recent examples.

One is a recent comment from Dick Cheney, delivered in public — not in private, not on background, not via unknown insiders with intimate knowledge of the former vice president’s thinking, but in public — about whether he still supports waterboarding (or torture, as most people besides Cheney tend to call it): “If I had to do it all over again,” Cheney said, “I would.”

The second is the new documentary, “The Unknown Known,” by Errol Morris and about Donald Rumsfeld. Estimations of the film’s quality vary, but all reviewers are unanimous in at least one regard: Rumsfeld, as he comes off in the film, truly has no regrets. Asked by Morris if invading Iraq for the second time, causing hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths and turning millions more into refugees, was worth it, Rumsfeld shrugs off the question and settles for a fittingly cold and glib answer: “Time will tell.”

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