twelfth grade calculus, optimization problems

Reply Wed 2 Apr, 2014 04:54 pm
I actually have multiple questions in regards to the optimization unit in calculus, but I’ll start with this one.

A rectangular piece of land is to be fenced using two kinds of fencing. Two opposite sides will be fenced using standard fencing that costs $6/m, while the other two sides will require heavy-duty fencing that costs $9/m. What are the dimensions of the rectangular lot of greatest area that can be fenced for a cost of $9000?

A real estate office manages 50 apartments in a downtown building. When the rent is $900 per month, all the units are occupied. For every $25 increase in rent, one unit becomes vacant. On average, all units require $75 in maintenance and repairs each month. How much rent should the real estate office charge to maximize profits?

I am so lost, any help would be appreciated
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Reply Wed 2 Apr, 2014 08:10 pm
Start with simple equations.

x = cheap side
y = expensive side
6x + 9y = 9000
Area = xy

Next combine the two equations.
y = 1000 - 2x/3
Area = x(1000 -2x/3)

Finally, take the derivative of that area equation to find the maximum.

For the second one
income = rent x occupied apartments - repairs
occupied apartments = 50 - (rent - 900)/25
repairs = 50 x $75

Combine and find where income is a maximum
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 08:23 pm
Same approach different process

a) 6x+9y=C

6dx+9dy=0 dx/dy=-9/6
xdy+ydx=0 dx/dy=-x/y
so x=3y/2

y=C/18=9000/18=1000/2=500 ft
x=3y/2=3(500)/2=750 ft

b) C=75*50

R=2150/2=$1075. 7 units empty

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