I am the one with law of moses and jesus christ.

Tue 1 Apr, 2014 08:25 am
I am the one of this world with law of moses and jesus christ, i am currently in jaora, india and it is by the command of god.
From last 11 years my believe is being theft and my torah and bible angels of heaven are being raped by muslims and hindus as i met moses ahlulbait and prophet mohammed came from spiritual world and cut few angels into half and eaten some. I was in love and i saw everything and then i saw imam zainul abideen angels came and killed me with knife in my stomatch several times and i was still alive in spiritually then in few days imam zainul abideen angels and his imam put there people in my stomach to control me. I was almost dead spiritually then i was like some of my angels were being controlled by shia ahlulbait then i started thinking bad and started laughing by thinking very bad as i could not control myself then another day i saw a bomb exploded in my room and i was again dead spiritually. I prayed for Moses and jesus christ and they met me in abudhabi, UAE. I cannot tell you from last 11 years my believe and property of heaven is being theft by shia ahlulbait and hindus. Moses gave me too many powers like i have the power to command the sky to rain
and to thunder storm but i am spiritually dead so i could not think or feel as everything from me is being theft from shia ahlulbait of hyderabad, india and pakistan and other countries. The reason i am writing it here because i am the one of this world who can command and tell angels about the truth so they can find me and protect me from evil spirits who are taking my believe by saying whenever you love god and whenever you get pearls on your eyes we will take them when you loose mind from god.
I am unable to become angel because i am surrounded by ahlulbait evil spirits who are taking my everything. My torah and bible angels who are inside me are being controlled and some have been raped and some have been made pregnant. Because i love god i am witnessing the truth which is given in torah and bible. You might have seen there was a movie recently made which was called the innocense of muslims on prophet mohammed it came because prophet mohammed is a false prophet mohammed who says there are 1,24000 prophets but doesnt believe in them and says they are cancelled when they are cancelled why prophet mohammed said to believe in 1,24000 prophets. Recently you might have seen war in egypt and bibi zainab shrine destroyed because when moses came to meet me bibi zainab was coming in my room and hitting me on my head so that i dont think or love moses.
I give witness to god that i am in jaora, india and my property which is in my mind is almost finished but my angels who are from this world and other worlds has not given up.

I will never lost hope and i will believe in jesus, moses and god forever until i am alive. Today my torah and bible angels thinks that i controlled them and misused them and taught them to kill people and beat badly to others but imam zainul abideen of ahlulbait and hindus controlled me. Even i visited space by believing and i was a strong believer of god but from last 40 days shia ahlulbait is taking my all believe and property of heaven as they know i am the one of this world, they have destroyed my space which was in my mind by nuclear missiles. The ultimate truth of heaven for angels. I want to see this world beautiful and tell my angels to give happy life to all god belivers but shia ahlulbait imam zainul abideen believers are believing in me by making curtains on there houses so that they can take my heaven property and giving me there sins and there problems, i dont want to take there sins or there problems because i dont believe in shia ahlulbait but they have put shia ahlulbait people in my stomach and controlling them to take names of allah and ali and imam hussain so that they can take my property.

Whenever i am trying to come into spiritual world they are coming from spiritual world and killing me and not letting me come to another world i know angels who are in heaven and in united states and argentina and other countries loves me very much but whenever i am believing they are taking my believe and i am unable to believe in god and the world is going incorrectly because of shia ahlulbait. As i am in india hindus have taken my property which was money and heaven property and hindu angels and bhagwans accused me of raping there angels, i cannot go into spiritual world because shia ahlulbait and islam angels and imams wants to kill me because they know they have taken my property of heaven and when i come into spiritual world they will lose from me or get killed. From last 11 years shia ahlulbait are sending flies on my mind and taking every food from my mind which i am getting from heaven and god. Muslims have blamed me by saying i have sold there angels and abused them i cannot go to spiritual world because of shia ahlulbait and islam and every one is blaming and accusing me and winning from me because they know if i enter into spiritual world they will not be left and die because of there mistakes. My beautiful torah and bible angels are taken from me and put into imam zainul abideen imambargahs and accepting people wishes they dont belong to islam but they are threatened by saying they will kill me if they dont make wishes for there people. They even know that if i write about this to the world they will become right and i will become wrong in front of the world and my angels property will be finished and shia ahlulbait can control me so that i scare from them and they punish me for sins which i have not done. I wanted to live with my angels a happy life and make them my family but i cannot control myself as i am unable to think and feel as i am almost zombie but as i trust god i am not zombie and i am still alive and writting this by coming from the future so angels who are in united states and israel can help me and come into spiritual world. Obama president of united states who is like angel to me visits me and try to talk to me in my dreams but i am unable to respond to him correctly because my believe is being theft by shia ahlulbait. I know i have many believers all over the world who loves me and respect me but i wanted to see them happy who loves god, moses and jesus christ. Whenever obama and other angels from united states are trying to let me enter into spiritual world muslims are putting my mind into jail so that i dont think. Even muslims have raisen there dead to kill me and dead people comes and abuse me very much to win from me so that they can show the world they are original and i am false person to the world. Now shia ahlulbait wanted to show the world that i know everything about spiritual world but i dont know very much because i cannot think or feel and muslims dead people are doing gay things and faunt in my mouth just to save islam and show the world that moses and jesus christ is wrong. I trust god, moses and jesus christ but trust comes by believing and whenever i am believing my believe is taken by shia ahlulbait and given to there people. Shia ahlulbait believes i have done many sins as i saw imam hussain in my room in india who was loving me and controlling me before moses and jesus christ came but after i came to know that islam is a fake religion i fallen in love by praying to moses, jesus christ and god. Now that shia ahlulbait are putting sins which i have not done in my mind using visions and i am thinking that i have done that sin and they are putting that on my sky which i have right now just to show the people and all other religions that i am bad guy. Shia ahlulbait are the worst enemies of god and proof the world they love allah and since there people who have done sins like who are gays and done adultry with kids can enter into spiritual world by there imam e zamana and imam ali permission. I am honest and love god and religion of god but i think its time for world war 3 or coming of noah in this world. Because of shia ahlulbait and islam the world will be finished and innocent lovers of god will be killed and erased. The time is very good and if i started believing aliens will visit our planet earth and we will be able to see them. I want all angels to trust me and protect me from evil spirits and let me enter into spiritual world so that the world runs smoothly. Shia ahlulbait from last 11 years are killing me not letting me enter into spiritual world just to show the world they are right and with truth. I am the one of this planet and only i have permission to write truth about me to all my people of this world. By writing i am showing you i am with truth as i cannot think or feel i want you to think and feel what i am writting. The justice of god will be done on this planet. I command all my torah and bible angels to win from shia ahlulbait. I thank god for trusting me and forgiving my sins and showing the true face of shia ahlulbait on this world. Heaven is only for people of god and people of moses and people of jesus christ not for other religions.
I witness the 10 commandments of god is real and not lie and since its not in my mind i am unable to believe in 10 commandments which was given to me by moses.

I want to live happy life with my torah family and pray to god and love god for giving me everything. If i was a sinner moses and jesus christ would have not visited me and god would have not loved me. Today all religions angels wanted to kill me as they feel all mistakes are done by me which was controlled by shia ahlulbait. Some people or spirits might think what ever i am writting is a joke but it is the truth just like my love from my heart.
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bobsal u1553115
Tue 1 Apr, 2014 08:29 am
One word: decaffeinated.
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Tue 1 Apr, 2014 08:38 am
Whaddaya call a cow that's had an abortion/

. .. . decalfinated.
Tue 1 Apr, 2014 08:52 am
What do you call it when you think you've heard a cow joke before somewhere?

Deja moo!
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Tue 1 Apr, 2014 11:29 am
Hehehehehehe . . .

I wouldn't want to steer this devout young man the wrong way with a lot of bull.
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bobsal u1553115
Tue 1 Apr, 2014 07:24 pm
Hey, more respect - he's preaching the cowspel.
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