please help Ginette 35 birthcontrol pill

Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:35 am
I have used depo provera for 8months but still had my period I always have it for 2weeks but when I go to my second week I rattle and faint so I stopped using depo proveria injection for 3months.

Then I started using Ginette 35 birth control pill but I was so busy moving to another place that I missed taking the pill for a whole week then my period actually started at the end of that week Sad...so I started today with the pill(as I realized my period started).

I was wondering if I double the dose just for today because I missed and keep on using this pill 1each day would it stop my period within a week...and wouldn't this be dangerous cos they say you shouldn't double dosage.

I have had the rattles/fainting even before the birth control shot and pill and was hoping this will shorten it I'm so tired having the rattles and faints going on for years .

Don't believe it is at all good to have my period for two weeks cos I don't have rattles/faints in the first week but the second so was wondering...

Any help/advise please
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Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 05:15 am
Contact your OB/GYN and ask. This is a prescription medication and they are a lot more knowledgeable about your personal health than we are.
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 06:26 pm
Smalll towm I don't even have a job right now to get me to other places please just tell me what you guys think Sad Sad
Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 09:44 am
We can't tell you anything that could possibly be helpful. This is a medical question. It is what doctors go to school for, for many years. What if we told you the wrong thing, you relied on it, and were permanently injured? It could happen.

Call and ask. A call should be free. ASK. And if that doesn't get you results call Planned Parenthood.
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Reply Sun 22 Feb, 2015 11:53 pm

A little publicized fact is that some birth control products (pill, injections, all types of IUDs, morning-after-pills, patches, and others) pose significant health and psychological dangers to women, including: stroke, breast and other cancers (the World Health Organization has classed them as cancer-causing, at the same level as cigarettes), perforated organs, fatal blood clots, depression, liver disease and other illnesses. These products mess with the fundamental building blocks of a human or add chemicals, and many women do not realize their health problems arise from these products. They also do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. I imagine they would also make some pre-existing conditions worse. There are numerous medical sources that attest to these physical and mental health problems, I can give you those sources if you need them.

Those same birth control products often work after conception has taken place, thereby killing the new human being. For the average woman using them, this death of a new human being will happen about once a year (with all of the types of IUDs this death happens more often), and it happens frequently with the morning-after-pill. By law, companies have to list this action in their info pamphlets that come with the product (all of the above products have this action, so I'll give only one example: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2007/074538s017lbl.pdf, see Clinical Pharmacology section), but these companies bury it and/or use jargon to disguise the significance of this action (calling it reducing the likelihood of implantation or something similar). Some will only mention it in the information sheet for physicians but not in the one for consumers.

So, have you tried Natural Family Planning (NFP)? It may help with some of your health problems. There are no negative health side effects and it is as reliable as any of the other methods of birth control, is easy to use, is free of charge and does not operate after conception. This is far more reliable than the 'rhythm method', because it relies on following several cycles in the particular woman's body. In fact, it improves a woman's health because she gets to know her body better. It poses no health risks to the woman, man or baby.

As a side note, female sterilization (through a different mechanism than the others listed above) and Hormone Replacement Therapy can also cause the death of a new human after conception; they also are bad for women's health.

Other types of birth control can cause health problems to the woman, man or baby (including condoms, vasectomy, diaphragms, withdrawal and spermicides). Although these problems occur far, far less frequently than the problems given to the woman or the baby from the products listed in the first paragraph.

One has to dig deeper for the true facts as some vested interests are hiding these facts. I can give you more detailed information on and sources for all of the points I've made, just ask. I hope this has been helpful.
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