The Global Warning That 216 Governments of Earth Just received

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The Global Warning That 216 Governments of Earth Just received

I have as of January 30 2014 contacted 216 countries (Entire Parliaments) as well inter governmental Parliaments and Councils of the globe. This is upwards of around 20 000 official contacts around the globe. I have been extracting hundreds of official e-mails and sending off the global warning as follows every single day from December 12th 2013 to January 30th 2014. (I'll also include the list of contacted parliaments etc. at the end this composition):

Since the first paragraph (A copy sent to Suriname Members of National Assembly) is in Dutch here is the translation in English (This first paragraph translated extremely well in some languages so I went with it.) The composition also included "Primary Information" which all on my contact lists have received. Of course the first 10 countries I had to send it as part 2 but included it for all other countries as displayed below. The first paragraph I make in the official language of the government / parliament I am addressing, This is that first paragraph in English as follows.

(Greetings to all members of the Suriname National Assembly. It is a pleasure and an honour to address all of you on this very important global issue that directly involves the future of all life on this planet. With great respect for the knowledge of diversity that the world has in many forms of different languages, I ask of you to please understand that I do not have the time to learn every language in retrospect to fairness for all in my life time. This is very important information I have for all of you. I encourage that if you do not speak English to be able to read and understand the following information, please do have this translated accurately and genuinely for your understanding of this composition. By all means you are all welcome to share this with everyone.)

Global Warning: United Kingdom update vanuit Canada. December 2013 Edition. (Deel 1)
Global Warning: U.K. Update From Canada. December 2013 Edition. (Part 1)

(Groeten aan alle Suriname leden van de Nationale Assemblee. Het is een genoegen en een eer om jullie allemaal te pakken op deze zeer belangrijke mondiale kwestie die direct betrekking op de toekomst van al het leven op deze planeet. Met groot respect voor de kennis van de diversiteit die de wereld in vele vormen van verschillende talen heeft, vraag ik u te behagen begrijpen dat ik niet de tijd om elke taal achteraf om eerlijkheid voor iedereen in mijn leven de tijd leren. Dit is zeer belangrijke informatie die ik heb voor jullie allemaal. Ik moedig dat als je niet spreken Engels te kunnen lezen en de volgende informatie te begrijpen, dan kunt u hebben dit nauwkeurig en oprecht vertaald voor uw begrip van deze compositie. Met alle middelen u bent allen van harte welkom om deze te delen met iedereen.)

(Canada and UK Officials along with some US officials and UN officials / approximately 2500 have already been sent a copy of this very composition as well various governments / Members of Parliament of the globe are now getting this such as Suriname right now)

Government Already Opened Doors For Homosexuals To Discriminate Heterosexuals Legally Long Ago And Even Funds This While Telling Citizens That Being Heterosexual Is Not Good Enough, You Either Have To Be Homosexual Or Bi Sexual To Be An Accepted Part Of Society! We All Deserve Far Better Than To Be Governed By This Soon To Be Short Lived Mockery Made Of Modern Society!

Fact: What makes a heterosexual a heterosexual is that a heterosexual exclusively has sex with one or those born of the opposite sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with.

Fact: A homosexual is one who exclusively has sex with one or those born with the same sex genital they themselves were born with..

Two simple primary facts which are not contestable by anyone any where with so much as a shred of validity.

The government openly supports and even funds homosexuals getting their genitals surgically mutilated along with a whole other list of deceptive procedures legally to support the deception they refer to as gender re assignment surgery.. Unfortunately this leads to heterosexuals being discriminated against for our very own sexual orientation by becoming victims to these homosexual deceptions. Of course while this has been going on we have homosexual activists forcing upon society through the media and the government itself that what it takes to be a heterosexual includes having sex with a homosexual with a mutilated genital. Homosexual activists base that claim on only because homosexual activists decided to come up with a name to describe a homosexual that got the genital mutilation surgery, and that name is trans gender. Because they came up with a name to describe this type of homosexual, they are now trying to dictate to society that once that homosexual got their genital mutilated they are no longer homosexual but trans gender (even though.Fact: A homosexual is one who exclusively has sex with one or those born with the same sex genital they themselves were born with.) Then they try telling you that because the homosexual that got their genital mutilated felt that they were the opposite sex before the operation, a heterosexual having sex with them still makes the heterosexual a heterosexual. Because a homosexual suffers psychosis, homosexual activists see fit to dictate to heterosexuals a blown wide open white faced lie that having sex with a homosexual makes you a heterosexual. They make up a name to try and mask what these homosexuals really are as well a free legal pass and the tools (deceptive procedures etc.) to deceive, discriminate, humiliate, traumatize as many heterosexuals as they possibly feel like in their life time.

Again homosexual activists avoid the facts that "a homosexual is one who exclusively has sex with one or those born with the same sex genital they themselves were born with" and "What makes a heterosexual a heterosexual is that the heterosexual exclusively has sex with one or those born of the opposite sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with." so they can continue to deceive and discriminate heterosexuals! I'm not about to just sit back and let this mockery made of modern society continue to occur.

Where is the justice when you have a government full of cowards caving in to a bunch of homosexual activist false threats of discrimination which has now after all of these years opened the flood gates for discrimination against heterosexuals to be treated as lab rats to homosexual deceptions?!!

Homosexual activists are trying to force upon society that it doesn't matter if a heterosexual is born a heterosexual because homosexuals are born with psychosis and want to get their genital mutilated, along with other procedures so that if they choose, they can make unsuspecting heterosexuals their victim through directly discriminating heterosexuals, disrespecting heterosexuals, degrade heterosexuals, traumatize and humiliate heterosexuals for the rest of that homosexuals life. Government supported and funded.

The government supports heterosexuals being homosexuals victims through this legalization of discrimination against heterosexuality.

With all of these procedures, of which some of them could be used for legitimate purposes as opposed to homosexual purposes of which homosexual purposes directly leads to discrimination against heterosexuals for our very sexual orientation. They are making a complete mockery of heterosexuality right now while pleading for support to continue to discriminate heterosexuals for our sexual orientation by trying to make the issue to be only about having sympathy for a homosexual that has a hard time accepting themselves for what gender they are born.

A list of procedures homosexuals can legally get for now with obvious full legal support from our government to have the freedom to use these deceptive procedures to discriminate, degrade, humiliate, traumatize heterosexuals for our sexual orientation at will:

Voice masculinization or feminization Surgery (to make a man sound more like a woman or a woman sound more like a man)
bilateral mastectomy (breast removal)
chest reconstruction / chest contouring (chest shaping to make female appear more like male or male appear more like female)
hysterectomy (the removal of internal sex organs).
Sex organ surgery (Surgical mutilation of a penis or a vagina)
Scrotoplasty / Oscheoplasty (The surgical attempt to make labia.appear as scrotum)
silicone prosthetic testicles (fake testicles)
Facial feminization or masculinization surgery / facial plastic reconstruction. (procedures that modify bone or cartilage structures, typically in the jaw, brow, forehead, nose and cheek)
Masculine Breast augmentation (A procedure that attempts to make the base of the female breast appear as a male breast)
Feminine Breast augmentation (A procedure that attempts to make the base of the male breast appear as a female breast)
Inverted "T" procedure (The surgical attempt to make a female nipple on a breast appear as a male nipple on a breast)
Tracheal shave (used to reduce cartilage in the throat to conform it to appear more feminine.)
Buttock augmentation (To make a male rear end look more like a female rear end or a female rear end look more like a male rear end.)

All of this and more along with hormone therapy is shockingly and shamefully for now legally used for purposes of discrimination against heterosexuality and much of this mockery is being funded by tax payers through government. Heterosexuals are being treated like excrement who pay a government that funds homosexuals to discriminate heterosexuals for our very sexual orientation. Open your eyes, Homosexuals discriminating heterosexuals is deemed as legal and is still for now openly supported by our government!

According to the government if you are heterosexual you are not good enough. You either have to be gay or bi sexual or you are quite simply a homophobe, a hater and a bigot and proof of this is that the government has made legal, supports and even funds all of these procedures that aid homosexuals in discriminating heterosexuals for our sexual orientation, from robbing us of being heterosexual..

The problem with just legalizing homosexuality decades ago was that at the time there was only accountability for the fact that yes there are homosexuals that just want to have sex with other homosexuals and just want to be left alone hence the reason for legalizing homosexuality. What there was lack of accountability in is the fact that there are also homosexuals who deliberately discriminate heterosexuals for our very sexual orientation with homosexual deceptions.

If when homosexuality was legalized, discrimination against heterosexuality was criminalized, that would have cleaned up this whole insane homosexual activist manifest before it even began! Yet for decades while homosexuals have been deliberately discriminating heterosexuals for our very sexual orientation homosexual activists have been begging false claims of discrimination against homosexuality just so that these homosexuals can continue to treat heterosexuals like a bunch of dumb puppets while legally getting away with discriminating us while having their lies and deceptive agenda even funded at tax payers expense.

What a sick world we live in. It's time we make all of these procedures illegal for the purpose attempting to make anyone appear to be the opposite sex which directly leads to heterosexuals becoming victims to such disgusting, filthy, degrading, humiliating, traumatizing homosexual deceptions. We need to criminalize discrimination against heterosexuality immediately / as soon as possible and make illegal surgical genital mutilation of the intent to make one sex look like the opposite sex that individual was born. Just because homosexuals have a hard time accepting themselves for what they are doesn't mean everyone / anyone else should be made to suffer for it!

We are heterosexuals and we were born this way. We are not bi sexual and we are not homosexual no matter how desperate homosexual activists are to try and drag everyone else down to their level, we are not your guinea pigs, lab rats, cattle or sexual play toys for that matter. I am well beyond offended and applaud Russia on their latest actions to do with this issue in lieu of watching weaker minded parliaments make a complete mockery of themselves. Also, someone needs to remind elected officials that political party trade off's is not democracy!


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!

A little extra after the Global Warning UK Update from Canada Dec 2013 edition (Part 1) composition.

Primary Information

Since I have shared this information with several countries of the globe already along with sharing copies of this Global Warning for the public, yet another homosexual activist ignorantly approached me after seeing this composition publicly displayed and said

"What part of homosexuals have no choice that they were born that way do you not understand?"

This ignorant mentality dictates that because someone is born with a defect that everyone should be made defective otherwise you are discriminating the defective. For example, if someone is born without a limb do we make it legal for them to go around legally hacking off other peoples limbs because they can't help that they were born that way? No we do not. If someone is born mentally defective, do we hand them a drill so they can go around legally drilling through peoples skulls and make them mentally defective because they can't help that they were born that way? No we do not. Yet we have homosexual activists attempting to dictate to the world that because homosexuals can't help that they were born sexually defective that heterosexuals should have to suffer discrimination for it through these homosexual deceptions, and then they go on to try and further dictate that otherwise homosexuals are being discriminated against. If it were up to homosexual activists to rule the world, heterosexuals do not deserve to be heterosexuals because homosexuals are born sexually defective. I'm not about to sit back and let this happen.

Defects are generally rare but natural, we have people born with mental defects, people born with physical defects and if it were up to homosexuals to sustain the human race we would have died off thousands of years ago for weakly being a race of sexually defective.

Thanks to heterosexuality we even exist! Time to globally criminalize discrimination against heterosexuality no exceptions. It is also time we make all of these procedures illegal for the purpose attempting to make anyone appear to be the opposite sex that they are born which directly leads to heterosexuals becoming victims to such degrading, humiliating, traumatizing homosexual deceptions for the well being of the future of the life on this planet. It's time to put this homosexual activist insanity behind us and move forward as a globe.

I have all of the answers to every issue to do with the homosexual activist bias agenda to help guide the world away from this insanity. I am capable of sharing facts which reveal homosexual activists for the liars and deceivers they prove to be on the very foundation of their "every" issue which is why homosexual activists have been discriminating me with their pathetic lies for years having me banned from thousands of web sites so the world continues to keep a blind eye to their lies and deceptions. The time has come for me to address all of you around the globe directly to assure you do get this information so you too know how to deal with this insane homosexual activist mentality with the greatest of ease. Get organized with facts and be prepared to help heal the globe from this insanity! Go ahead and rub your eyes because this is really happening.


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!

1. Brazil: Senators of Brazil (portuguese)
2. Belgium: Members of Parliament and Senators of Belgium (Dutch)
3. Finland: Finland Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament (Language Finnish)
4. Germany: Chancellor and Ministers of Germany's Federal Cabinet Germany Members of Parliament
5. Cyprus: Republic of Cyprus Political Party Members, Ministries and Officials
6. New Zealand: New Zealand Members of Parliament of the House of Representatives.
7. Italy: Senators, Government of Italy
8. Portugal: (Ministers, Ministries, secretaries) Government of Portugal
9. India: India House Of The People Members
10. Poland: Poland Members of Parliament
11. Tanzania Tanzania Members of Parliament (Swahili)
12. Australia Australia Members of Parliament
13. Austria Austria Members of Parliament
14. France: France Members of Legaslative Assembly
15. Mexico Senators of Mexico
16. Nicaragua: Deputies of Nicaragua Assembly
17. Argentina: National authroties secretaries, Provincial contacts and Senators of Argentina
18. Chile: Chile Senators
19. Columbia: Columbia senate
20. Andorra: Ministers of the Government of Andorra
21. Armenia: Armenia Deputies of National Assembly
22. Croatia: Croatian Members of Parliament
23. Malta Malta Members of Parliament
24. Greece: Greek Members of Parliament
25. Switzerland: Switzerland Members of Legislative Assembly and Senators (French)
26. Sweden: Sweden Members of Parliament / The Riksdag
27. Denmark: Denmark Members of Danish Parliament
28. Norway: Norway Members and Ministers of the Starting (norwegian)
29. Turkey: Deputies of Turkey National Assembly
30. Bolivia: Bolivia Members of Parliament amd Senators (Go with Spanish)
31. Malaysia: Malaysia Members of Parliament and Senators (Language Maylay)
32. Costa Rica: Costa Rica Members of Legaslative Assembly (Spanish)
33. Peru: Peru Members of Congress Assembly (Spanish)
34. Ireland Ireland Senators and Members of Parliament
35. Scotland Members of Scottish Parliament (English)
36. Malawi Malawi Members of Parliament (English)
37. Cuba Cuba Ministers and Secrataries (Spanish)
38. Botswana Botswana Members of Parliament (English)
39. Bosnia Bosnia Members of The House of The People and Members of the House of Representatives (Bosnian language)
40. Belarus: Belarus Deputies of the house of representatives (Belarusian language)
41. Barbados: Members of Barbados Parliament (English)
42. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Members of Parliament (Tamil language)
43. Hungary Hungary Members of Parliament (Hungarian)
44. Bangladesh Bangladesh Members of Parliament (Bengali Language)
45. Estonia Estonia Members of Parliament (Estonian Language)
46. Lesotho Lesotho Senators and Members of the National Assembly
47. *Europe* Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Members (English / French)
48. Bulgaria BulgariaMembers of Parliament (Bulgarian)
49. Bermuda Bermuda Members of Parliament and Senators (English)
50. Slovakia Slovakia Members of Parliament (Slovak)
51. Iceland Iceland Members of Parliament (Icelandic)
52. Czech Republic Members of the Chamber of Deputies for the parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech)
53. Panama Panama Members of National Assembly (Spanish Language)
54. Morocco Morocco Members of the House of Representatives (Arabic Language, Berber languages)
55. Cape Verde Cape Verde Members of National Assembly (Portuguese Language)
56. Cambodia Cambodia President and Members of Parliament (Khmer language)
57. Angola Angola Members of National Assembly (Portuguese Language)
58. Netherlands Netherlands Members of Parliament (Dutch Language)
59. Monaco Monaco Members of National Council (French Language)
60. Grenada Grenada Prime Minister and Ministers (English Language)
61. Greenland Greenland Members of Inatsisartut (Greenlandic language)
62. Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Members of Parliament (French Language)
63. Bhutan Bhutan Members of National Assembly (Dzongkha Language)
64. China Members of The Peoples Republic
65. Japan Members of The Diet
66. Jordan Members of Majlis al-Umma
67. Gabon Gabon Senators
68. Bahamas Bahamas Ministers
69. Samoa Samoa Members of Parliament, Officers and Administration
70. Lativa Lativa Members of Parliament
71. Romania Romania Members of The Chamber of Deputies
72. Russia Russia Members of the Federation Council, Hint Chamber, Deputies of the State Duma and Governors / Presidents of Russian Regions
73. Uganda Uganda Members of Parliament (Swahili Language)
74. Trinidad and Tobago Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Members of Parliament (English)
75. Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Ministers (English)
76. Maldova Maldova Members of Parliament (Romanian)
77. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Members of Parliament (English)
78. Zambia Zambia Members of Parliament (English)
79. Ecuador Ecuador Members of Congress (Spanish Language)
80. El Salvador El Salvador Deputies of National Assembly (Spanish Language)
81. Guatemala Guatemala Members of Congress (Spanish Language)
82. Kenya Kenya Members of Parliament (Swahili Language)
83. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Members of the Diet (German Language)
84. Macedonia Macedonia Members of Parliament (Macedonian Language)
85. Singapore Singapore Members of Parliament (Malay Language / Tamil Language / Standard Mandarin)
86. Sudan Sudan Members of National Council (Arabic Language / English Language)
87. Oman Oman Members of the Shura Council (Arabic Language)
88. Suriname Suriname Members of National Assembly (Dutch Language)
89. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Members of The Supreme Council and Senators (Uzbek language)
90. Uruguay Uruguay Members of the House of Representatives (Spanish Language)
91. United Arab United Arab Emirates Members (Arabic Language)
92. Ghana Ghana Members of Parliament (English Language)
93. Seychelles Seychelles Members of National Assembly (French Language)
94. Nigeria Nigeria Members of Parliament and Senators English Language
95. Namibia Namibia Members Of Parliament (English Language)
96. Spain Spain Members of Congress (Spanish Language)
97. Niger Niger Members of National Assembly (French Language)
98. Nepal Nepal Members of the Constituent Assembly (Nepali Language)
99. Rwanda Rwanda Members of The Chamber of Deputies and Senators (French Language)
100 Albania Albania Members of Parliament (Albanian language)
101 Haiti Haiti Memberss of the Legaslative Body (French Language)
102 Guyana Guyana President and Ministers (English Language)
103 Gambia The Gambia Ministers, President, Vice President and Council Members (English Language)
104 French Polynesia French Polynesia Members of National Assembly (French Language)
105 Afghanistan Afghanistan Senators of The House of Elders and The Meshrano Jirga of the National Assembly (Pashto language)
106 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Members of Congress (Spanish Language)
107 Paraguay Paraguay Members of The Chamber of Deputies and Senators (Paraguayan, Guaraní, Spanish Language)
108 Pakistan Pakistan Senators and Members of Legislative Assembly (Urdu Language, English Language)
109 Montenegro Montenegro Members of Parliament (Montenegrin language)
110 Luxembourg Luxembourg Members of the Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourgish language, French Language, German Language)
111 Lithuania Members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian language)
112 Kuwait Kuwait Members of the Council of the Nation (Arabic Language)
113 South Africa South Africa Members of Parliament (Afrikaans Language)
114 Syria Syria Members of The People's Council (Arabic Language)
115 Israel Israel Members of Knesset (Arabic Language)
116 Ethiopia Ethiopia Ministers and Officials (Amharic Language)
117 Georgia Georgia Ministers (Georgian Language)
118 Guam Guam Senators (Chamorro Language, English Language)
119 Bahrain Bahrain Members of Parliament, Ministers and Officials (Arabic Language)
120 Brunei Brunei Ministers (Malay Language)
121 Cameroon CameroonOfficials (French Language)
122 Burundi Burundi Members of the Rebublic (French Language)
123 Cook Islands Cook Islands Officials
124 Chad Chad Ambassador in Sout Africa and intended for all Governing Officials of Chad (French Language) (also president through online form)
125 Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Ministers and Officials (English Language)
126 Bougainville Bougainville Members of Parliament (Austronesian and Papuan)
127 Belize Belize Members of National Assembly (English Language)
128 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Officials (Azerbaijani language)
129 Aruba Aruba Officials (Papiamento language, Dutch Language)
130 Anguilla Anguilla Deputy Governor and all Officials (English Language)
131 Algeria Algeria Officials (Arabic Language)
132 Togo Togo Prime Minister (online form)
133 Tunisia Tunisia Ministers and Head of Government (Arabic Language)
134 Ukraine Ukraine Ministers (Ukrainian Language)
135 Venezuela Venezuela Members of The Supreme Court (Spanish Language)
136 Members of Inter-Parliamentary Union (English)
137 Members of Latin America Parliament (Spanish)
138 Members of Central America Parliament (Spanish)
139 Members of Andino Parliament (Spanish)
140 Members of GOL (English)
141 Members of Nordic Council and Council of Ministers (Danish)
142 Members of The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (English)
143 Arctic Council Members (English)
144 Council of the Baltic Sea States Members (English)
145 Yemen Yemen Members of the House of Representatives (Arabic Language)
146 Nepal Nepal Members of Constituent Assembly (Nepali Language)
147 Mongolia Mongolia Members of Parliament (Mongolian language)
148 Micronesia Micronesia Members of Congress and Officials (English Language)
149 Maldives Maldives Ministers (Dhivehi language)
150 Indonesia Indonesia Ministers (Indonesian Language)
151 American Samoa American Samoa officials (English Language)
152 Philippines Philippines Members of The Senate (English)
153 Palestine Palestine Ministers (Arabic Language)
154 Palau Palau Members of the House of Delegates (English Language)
155 Niue Niue Ministers (Motu and Tafiti)
156 Fiji Fiji (english) nline contact form
157 Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Members of Parliament (English Language)
158 Eritrea Eritrea Government (English) online form
159 Benin Benin Consulates (French Language)
160 Egypt Egypt Members of The Peoples Assembly (Arabic)
161 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Members of Parliament and Senators (French Language)
162 Timor-Leste Timor-Leste Ministers (Portuguese Language)
163 Dominica Dominica Officials (English)
164 Côte D'ivoire Côte D'ivoire Members of National Assembly (French)
165 Congo Congo President, Senators and Members of Parliament (French)
166 Comoros Comoros Officials (French Language)
167 Cocos Cocos Officials (English)
168 Kiribati Kiribati Ministers (English Language)
169 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Members of Mazhilis (Russian Language)
170 Jamaica Jamaica Ministers (English)
171 Iraq Iraq Department of foreign relations (Arabic Language)
172 Iran Iran Ministers (Persian)
173 Honduras Honduras President and officials (Spanish)
174 Madagascar Madagascar Members of National Assembly (French)
175 Macau Macau Officials (Portuguese Language)
176 Liberia Liberia Officials (English)
177 Lebanon Lebanon President (Arabic)
178 Serbia Serbia National Assembly Members (ONline form) (Serbian) President of Serbia
179 Korea (North) Korea Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Delegates (Korean)
180 Korea (South) Korea Republic Members of National Assembly and Spreme Court (korean)
181 Burma Burma Ministers of The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Burmese)
182 Mozambique Mozambique Ministers (Portuguese Language)
183 Montserrat Montserrat Ministers (English)
184 Mauritius Mauritius Members of National Assembly (English)
185 Martinique Martinique President and Council Members (French Language)
186 Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Republic President (English)
187 Mali Mali President (French) (Online form)
188 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Members of Majlis as-Shura (Arabic Language)
189 Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe Members of Congress (Portuguese Languag)
190 Reunion Island Reunion Island Members of Council (French)
191 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Members of Lagislative Assembly and Senators (Spanish)
192 Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn Islands Members of Council (English)
193 New Caledonia New Caledonia President and Ministers (French)
194 Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles Members of Parliament
195 Nauru Nauru Members of Parliament (English) (Online form)
196 Tokelau Tokelau Officials
197 Tibet Tibet Members of Parliament (Chinese)
198 Tajikistan Tajikistan Members of Parliament (Russian)
199 Taiwan Taiwan Members of Parliament (Mandarin)
200 Swaziland Swaziland Ministers (English, Swati)
201 South Sudan South Sudan Members of Parliament
202 Somalia Somalia Members of Parliament
203 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands President (Online form) (English)
204 Slovenia Slovenia President, Ministers and Members of National Assembly (Slovenian language)
205 Senegal Senegal Ministers (French Language)
206 Tonga Tonga Members of Parliament (English)
207 Vietnam Vietnam Members of National Assembly
208 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ministers
209 Tuvalu Tuvalu Members of Parliament
210 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Members of Parliament
211 Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Members
212 United Arab Emirates Members

Plus of course

213 United Kingdom Members of Parliament and Members of The House Of Lords
214 Canada Members of Provincial / Territorial and Federal Parliaments and Senators
215 President and Vice President of USA (USA Congress I have not contacted for it is all online contact forms for every individual)
216 United Nations

Who are now being informed of this. I'll have to keep my eyes open for Lao and Libya contact addresses as my attempts to find them thus far have been unsuccessful.


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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David Jeffrey Spetch
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 12:35 pm
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
(I began sharing this composition thinking I had 216 contacts but as it turns out I had the United Arab Emirates Members and Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Members listed twice. It's a long story but I do remember why.)


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 12:48 pm
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
Thank you????
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 05:01 pm
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
I think you forgot the Loon Star State.
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Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 09:16 pm
TL;DR version?
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David Jeffrey Spetch
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 09:36 pm
just pointing out that I'm not trying to take credit for that which I have not done. 214 as opposed to 216 I have done.

/ David
Reply Tue 11 Feb, 2014 12:41 am
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
C'mon David......seriously now....you can tell us.

What's your boyfriend's name?

Eh? Eh?
Reply Tue 11 Feb, 2014 03:51 pm
Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge!
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