Does he like me more than a friend- flirty over text but not as much in person?

Reply Sat 28 Dec, 2013 12:35 pm
So I'm not sure that we are just friends or if we are moving into being more than that. I would like it to be more than that because I feel like we get along really well- share the same hobbies, don't run out of things to talk about, etc. We haven't known each other very long, but we text every day. He comes to see me at work and we do have some serious personal conversations. Over text, we talk pretty flirtatiously. For example: he said he was cold and wished he had someone to cuddle with. I said I wished I could come and cuddle with him and he responded "that's sweet of you." He calls me "dear" and "sweetie" over text but not in person. He usually instigates the texts (every day usually but not first thing in the morning), but sometimes I do too- he doesn't wait long to respond. We went on a date (I think...thus this question Smile ) walking around and then to a movie (he paid). He smiled at me a lot and laughed at my jokes. He didn't hold my hand during the date or really touch me (even though I wanted him to) until we got in the car. I gave him a ride home since he doesn't have a car. On the ride to his house, he started tickling me. We sat in front of his house for like 10 minutes talking and then he kissed my cheek and gave me a pretty long hug. Then he texted me some 20 minutes later to see if I had gotten home safely and he said he had a great time. We texted for another three hours or so and he again started flirting over text. So I'm confused because he will flirt with me and call me those names over text but not in person as much. Was he trying to be polite and not forward on the first "date" or are we just friends? Should I try to make a move the next time we meet? Should I ask him? I like him and I don't want to lose him as a friend but at the same time I really like him as more than that. I also don't want to be the "aggressive" girl. Thanks for any advice.
P.S. I'm 23 but I have been really busy with school for the past 6 years so I haven't had a lot of time to date and so I don't know a whole ton about this. I've only been on a handful of dates that have led to nowhere.
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Reply Sat 28 Dec, 2013 12:45 pm
It's easy to be bold through texts. He just hasn't transitioned this to the in-person with you.

I suggest you find more time together IN PERSON to see where this is going.

It seems exciting over the phone, but he drops the ball in person. Find out if this is how he is all the time. (I'm suspecting not, but that in-person time is so very important. )

When he starts to text/flirt, just say, "Waiting for that to happen in person with you.'

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Reply Tue 31 Dec, 2013 03:55 pm
What type of serious, personal conversations do you have when he comes to see you at work?

What you are liking, is the flirtation in his text messages but he can't seem to convey that in real life, at work when he sees you or on the "first" date you went on.. I'd say he's shyer than you think. He's capable of letting go via text messages but not so, in person.

You mention the date. But you also suggest you are not sure if it was actually a "date".. Did, he ask you actually out? Or "hang out"... It sounds as if he asked you out, tickling is cute but also shy..

Bottom line, you are not "aggressive" if you instigate rather "assertive".. Ask him to the movies and you hold his hand.. If he pulls away, then he's a friend in which case you can also say "what's wrong with holding hands with a friend?" to counter-act the situation...

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Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2014 12:00 pm
obviously people like to be more flirty Smile so try to attract your loved one
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