I think I was misdiagnosed with aspergers should I get retested

Reply Sun 2 Jun, 2013 08:19 pm
So I was diagnosed with aspergers at the age of 7 and I had only a few of the symtoms. As I got older, the symtoms got milder and almsot all of them have dissapeered completly. Anywhay, heres why I think I don;t have aspergers

People with aspergers often lack social skills, wich often causes them to become shy, I was pretty shy as a child, but as I became a teenager, I came out of my shell more and more andnow, I'm still somewhat shy, but not notcabaly,[I will be turning 18 this year] Looking back on it, I thnik I was just natually shy, because I had somewhat average social skills, I was just to nervous to use them. About a year after my diagnosis, I started seeing a therapist, and I do not exzaggerage when I say this lady had NO CLUE what she was doing When I was in 5th grade, she put me in a social skills group to "help me read social cues". I had NO PROBLEM reading social cues, wich also laeds me to bellieve I don;t have aspergers. I also have NO PROBLEM whith maintaining eye contact [something aspies struggle tremendously with] I do not take things literally[ another signs of aspergers] infact my friends say I understand jokes better than they do and they are NOT autistic.

Peopel with aspergers often exel in logical thinking, math, and science, but struggle with exepressing themselves emotionaly. I am the opposoite, I am AWFUL in math, I am more emiotional then logical and Im only average at science, but I am EXELLINT at expressing my emotions

When I was 12 I got a new therapist who was MUCH better than the old one. And seeing her lead me to be diagnosed with ADD which, I have to say, the diagnoses fits me like a glove, I would daydream in class, and I am very forgetful and disorganized. I am fairly inteligent for my age, but I am TERRIBLE at spelling, and reading is not my best subject eiter.

I have asked severeal peope lI know if they think I have aspergers and ADD. Pretty much everyone said I had ADD but I didn't have aspergers. My friends were actually supprized I was ever diagonosed with aspergers. Alot of people in my class ask me If I have "dislexya" which I have NEVER heard of. So, do you think I have aspergers? Does dislexia cause similar symptoms to aspegrers? Am I only borderline aspergers? What do you think?
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Reply Sun 2 Jun, 2013 08:24 pm
The diagnosis for Asperger's is being dropped from the new DSM so that won't be a condition you can be tested for anymore.

Now you'll just be autistic.

Reply Sun 2 Jun, 2013 08:33 pm
So now I just have high functioning autism?
Reply Mon 3 Jun, 2013 06:57 am
Not really. You may have been given the "diagnosis de jour" of that time in order to get medical coverage.

Sounds like you MAY have had social anxiety and slight learning disability.

You seem to have a good handle on yourself today..

Don't let these experiences in the psychological field hold you back now. count the gratitudes: At least you had attention and people cared about you.
Reply Mon 3 Jun, 2013 08:28 am
Don't let these experiences in the psychological field hold you back now.

Clearly, this has affected her ... and quite deeply. She's indicated how badly she feels and how badly she's been set back. Your wise to call her attention to that.

That being said..I can only guess that she has been misdiagnosed about Asperger syndrome as well as high-functioning autism. However, being responsible myself about advice I give, I would say that a good therapist should clarify that issue sooner rather than later ..not me.
Reply Mon 3 Jun, 2013 06:08 pm
Ragman wrote:

...That being said..I can only guess that she has been misdiagnosed about Asperger syndrome as well as high-functioning autism...

When Asperger's was a diagnosis that one could have, I remember reading that if there was early slow language development the diagnosis was not Aspergers. Asperger's did not have slow language development.

Regardless, the concept of a "spectrum" (aka, continuum) makes an unprofessional diagnosis by anyone worthless, in my opinion. Sort of like the old fashioned cold. Some colds are debilitating, some just annoying.

Plus, since Aspergers wasn't even a diagnosis in my youth, many a young person was just idiosyncratic and tolerated if they didn't disrupt the class and passed the tests. By the way, I thought Dr. Asperger initially was published in German psychological journals, which seemed to be ignored by the U.S. psychological community, as far as adding the diagnosis to the DSM at the time of publication. I wonder why?

Also, I have a pet theory that the whole spectrum disorders thing are inheritable; however, I would guess that only in our high tech world are many spectrum types getting married and having offspring. Perhaps, in earlier times they did not, when there was little for a spectrum type to do and make a decent living for supporting a family? So, today the gene is being inherited more often? Or, just the advent of the "cubicle" has spectrum types found an environment to prosper?

As history shows, brawn was once a valued commodity in the marriage market. Brains, not so much.
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